Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taking Aim At Toyota

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Perhaps it is just a coincidence. It seems strange to me, however, that car manufacturers have numerous recalls per year for their automobiles and nobody really makes a big stink out of it. The letters go out to the car owners, and nobody really talks about it on the news. Suddenly, a House Panel criticizes Toyota's response to the accelerator problem, and a federal grand jury is looking into the Toyota recall. Toyota's problems are all over the news, and Toyota is being accused of hiding things. Speculation is running around suggesting that Toyota's sales could suffer as a result.

Isn't it interesting that all of this is happening to the number one car maker after the government took control of two of the three American car companies, and after the one company that was not bailed out, Ford, out-performed the partially government owned companies (GM and Chrysler).

Think about it. This is how the liberal left works. They claim one thing, it doesn't work out, so they do whatever they can to demonize and destroy the opposition as a result - and any underhanded method or tactic is not off limit to these people.

Now, soon after bail outs to GM and Chrysler, and the companies not doing as well as originally hoped with the government's hand on the throttle, suddenly, Toyota is plastered all over the news with all these problems, and suddenly their recalls are an interest to the judiciary, and Congressional Democrats.


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