Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Glenn Beck, Geert Wilders, Fascism

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Listen carefully. The below piece is being considered as Glenn Beck calling Geert Wilders a Fascist. I didn't hear it that way, but I did notice him make a huge mistake that is often made, by saying that Fascism is a political ideology that inhabits the right side of the political spectrum. As much as I like Glenn Beck, he is wrong on that one, unless, of course, he is saying that everything is so far to the left in Europe that even Fascism seems like it's on the right. . .

Fascism has been considered to be a right-side-of-the-political-spectrum ideology because fascists themselves, beginning with Mussolini, indicated that fascism is the opposite of communism. Therefore, if communism inhabits the far left, one would reason, then, that fascism would inhabit the right. Problem is, this was simply a ploy to fool the people from realizing that though fascism is not socialistic in the classical sense of taking over the private sector so that it can be placed under total government control, it was socialism in the sense that the government, though the private sector was allowed to technically remain private, was controlled by the puppeteers in government through excessive regulations and restrictions.

The political spectrum has evolved since the days of France where those that sided with the monarchy and church sat on the right side of the assembly, and the secularists pushing for democratic change sat on the left. As time has passed, and monarchies, and state-run churches, have withered away, the modern political spectrum is now based on the amount of government control over the society. Far right on the political spectrum would be anarchy (or no government), and far left would be totalitarianism (total government). So, either Glenn Beck does not understand the modern political spectrum, and is falling for the definitions originally put into place by the fascists themselves, or he was speaking in such a manner to mean that everything is so far to the left, that even fascism is beginning to look like it is on the right.

The following video may clarify the political spectrum for those of you not sure:

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