Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama's Hidden Motive Behind Offshore Oil Drilling

By Douglas V. Gibbs

During his presidential campaign Obama claimed that drilling for oil domestically was a terrible idea, and that it would not solve any of our energy crisis problems.

As with just about everything else, that campaign rhetoric is turning out to be a lie too.

Today Obama announced that limited areas along the East Coast, off Florida, and near the coast of Alaska will be opened for oil and gas exploration. His reasoning was that, like it or not, more than green energy strategies are needed to address America's energy concerns.

Obama's strategy enjoys many of the same elements that George W. Bush's oil drilling plans entailed, though Barry's remains much more narrower. Most of Alaska, and the west coast, remains off limits, as well as other areas that could provide affordable energy if tapped.

What Obama is doing here has many variables and motives, but is mostly designed to harness more energy without necessarily admitting he was wrong, and to appeal to much of his opposition at a time when his approval ratings continue to plummet (some say he enjoyed a bump after the passage of health care, but of all the polls, only Gallup showed such a bump).

In 2008, President George W. Bush opened up new offshore energy development and the Department of the Interior prepared a five year offshore leasing plan. The Democratic Congress assisted in that move, only to join Obama last year in suspending the Interior plan and delaying a planned lease auction scheduled for 2011. The new plan released today by Obama is much more limited.

Before those that cried out for off-shore drilling thinks to themselves, "Hey, Obama did something right for once," remember that Barry supports energy-rationing policies as associated with the global strategy to save the planet from mythical man-made global warming. Obama's energy plans, along with Cap and Trade of which he is ready to spring on us any day now, will cause electricity prices to skyrocket. This alone will cause gas prices to go up because the cost of producing, storing and providing gasoline will go up.

Could it be that since he knows the taxation and production costs will go up, he's hoping to drop the cost of the material itself by using domestic oil, that way the rise won't be nearly as shocking?

I suppose, after all of this goes down, when gasoline hits six or seven dollars a gallon, we will all stand together to sing Obama's praises, because though our gas prices went up, at least it's good ole American gas. (That was sarcasm for those of you with little brains)

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