Monday, April 26, 2010

Obama Removes American Flag From Haiti Fearing U.S. Will Be Seen As An Occupying Force as the Populace of Haiti Becomes More Dependent on Incoming Aid

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The flags of other nations remain as the international effort to assist Haiti after the devastating earthquake continues, but Obama asked for the American Flag to be removed because he did not wish to send the signal that America is an occupying force. No accusation that the American troops were occupiers has been made, however, and the fear of such is held only by the politically correct minds of the lunatic left.

The aid, however, has created a difficult situation in Haiti. Even folks in unaffected areas are coming down to the ravaged zone to receive free aid. Haiti's government is battling an already poverty stricken society that is becoming dependent upon the aid, and is unwilling to continue to try to be responsible for their own subsistence.

Such is the danger of giving out too much. Such is the danger of the entitlement mentality, and the culture of dependency. Aid to the poor keeps the poor poor, despite the good intentions. Just look at our own welfare system. How has the American welfare system helped the poor? The number of those considered to be in poverty in America has increased, and the drive to be self-reliant has been stolen from those people by the growing enslavement of entitlement programs.

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