Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weapon of Political Correctness Aims to Silence Dissent

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Political Correctness takes many forms, but the goal is the same regardless of the form it takes. The goal is to silence dissent, to discourage free speech, to make it so people become careful what they say. The attacks are designed to create panic, and reaction.

Along with political correctness comes the designations of protected groups. It is for these groups that political correctness exists in the first place. As a result, even telling the truth can become hazardous, because for the protected groups reality is a fantasy of perception, and an image crafted for societal approval in the name of tolerance.

The groups at risk of being silenced by political correctness tend to be those groups willing to stand on principles that are at odds with the rising political structure. Truth has become something that must be used sparingly, according to the rising power complex. Standards, in our brave new world, has become a hated element.

Elitist reasoning dictates that the opinions of the opposition to their agenda is disruptive, and offensive to the protected groups, therefore those that do not comply with political correctness must be silenced through a series of societal attacks and chastisement. Truth is on the side of liberty, and freedom poses a challenge to the authoritarian system the secular liberals would like to put into place, and it is through political correctness that they aim to silence the truth.

The Founding Fathers who so wisely designed the American form of government with limiting principles that promote self-governance of the states, and self-reliance by the people, recognized the dangers of the expansion of government, and the risk it posed to liberty.

Rights are not given to the people by government, but by God. Therefore, if our rights are not provided by government, such a political system cannot take those rights away. Government in America was designed to protect our rights, not allow government to determine if we should have those rights, and in what amount such rights should be dished out.

The specter of big government has infiltrated our Constitutional Republic, and is attempting to incriminate those that hold the same values and principles that founded this nation. We are expected to be ashamed of our faith, and our patriotic demand for this nation to return to applying the U.S. Constitution, rather than subverting it.

I refuse to betray my belief in the original intent of the U.S. Constitution, my belief in the salvation of Jesus Christ, and my belief in the resolve of the American People because some hard left ignoramus tells me it is not politically correct.

As far as I am concerned, those hard left socialists can go pound sand, and get out of the way so that the real patriots can gain back control of this nation and steer it back in the direction of the limiting principles of the U.S. Constitution.

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