Sunday, June 06, 2010

66th Anniversary of D-Day Landings

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Today is the 66th anniversary of the D-Day landings. As I searched through the Los Angeles Times this morning, I failed to find an article on today's D-Day Anniversary, at first. I did find, however, a long piece on National Donut Day. When I did find pieces on the D-Day Anniversary they were short, and well hidden, and not about the anniversary itself, but about a ceremony regarding the anniversary.

Memorial Day was less than a week ago, and already the leftist main-extreme media has forgotten to salute all those who helped liberate Europe and keep the Nazis from their goal of global domination.

As Ronald Reagan reminded us, the fight for freedom is ongoing. A part of that ongoing struggle to keep the flame of liberty alive is to pay homage to the the sacrifices of these heroes so that their selfless deeds will never have been in vain.

To best sum up my feelings about today, below I have posted Ronald Reagan’s 40th anniversary speech in Normandy. It was a speech from his heart, and one that was given without the aid of a teleprompter:

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