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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where's the Oil? - Rush was right again. . .

By Douglas V. Gibbs

As time has passed I have been getting more and more opportunities to listen to Rush Limbaugh. I don't always catch his entire show, but usually a large part of it. When the oil spill in the gulf first began, Rush Limbaugh carried an attitude similar to mine that basically if BP did anything wrong, it would come out in the court of law later. Rather than demonize the company, let's work together and fix whatever needs fixin'.

Rush also said something interesting that most folks gave him a hard time about. Limbaugh proclaimed that the Earth has amazing self-healing abilities. In the wide scope of things, the oil spill is a thimble-full of oil in a huge swimming pool of water, and once this oil spill madness was all over it would take very little time for the oil to dissipate, and for the Gulf of Mexico to get back to normal.

Lo, and behold, the main-extreme media is asking, "Where's the Oil?"

It turns out that Rush was right.

Limbaugh is usually right, and that is why I enjoy catching his shows when I can. But it is especially fun when he's right on something like this, and the press knows it, and it has been proven (in this case by nature), and the liberal media squirms and squirms and does what they can to avoid saying, "Rush was right."

This is not to say I felt we should have done nothing. After all, oil hitting the coasts is a little more messy than the oil in the water. BP, and the federal and state governments, should have spent a lot of time putting up barriers to keep the oil from hitting the beaches. . . but alas, they did not.

What is interesting is all of the job losses and drop in tourist numbers was a result of the media spewing all of the lies of how catastrophic everything was. . . if they'd just listened to Rush, the region would not have suffered as much in the sense of the economic impact of this spill.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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