Monday, August 30, 2010

Israel Preparing For War Against Iran?

By Douglas V. Gibbs

As the countdown to the date that Iran would add the fuel to its nuclear reactors approached, many suggested that Israel may strike Iran's facilities before the deadline. The thinking was that if Israel was going to be able to take out the facilities without causing a nuclear event, now is the time.

Israel has been silent - or at least that is what it has seemed. Israel's unwillingness to attack the Iranian nuclear power plant in Iran before it went operational has caused considerable controversy within Israel.

The speculation has been that Israel is preparing for a military assault on Iran, but is hesitant because she knows she would be going it alone. Europe is in the midst of Islamization, and America's leadership has already acted in a relatively hostile manner towards Isreal, including an episode where President Obama began to dictate to Israel on whether or not she should build more housing in her own capital city of Jerusalem.

As the world wonders what Israel will do, be it a military assault on Iran, or a regional operation against Hezbollah or Hamas, Israel has placed its largest order of military fuel with the United States on record.

The order by Israel earlier this month consisted of 284 million gallons of JP-8 aviation jet fuel, 100 million gallons of diesel fuel and 60 million gallons of unleaded gasoline – all suitable for military uses – at an estimated cost of $2 billion.

Though American government officials and military personnel will not comment on what this may mean on a larger scale, Marine Corps Major Chris Perrine, a public affairs officer at the Department of Defense, told World Net Daily that, "It would take a lot more than fuel to attack a country or wage a regional war."

In addition to the fuel purchase, a number of signs point toward a coming conflict in the Middle East between Israel and some of her neighbors.

Iran has continued to act aggressively successfully test-firing a third-generation surface-to-surface solid-fuel Fateh 110 missile with a 150-mile range and unveiling an Iran-manufactured drone bomber with a flight range of 620 miles.

Top American government officials claim that it would take one year for Iran to make "a dash" to convert existing low-enriched uranium to weapons-grade and to develop the nuclear warhead required for a working weapon. Then again, the American government officials have underestimated Ahmadinejad before.

Nonetheless, despite the warning signs, talks between Israel and the Palestinians have resumed, and by some standards seem to be easing tensions at least between the Palestinians and the Jewish State - for now.

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