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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Professor Terry J. Lovell on Obama and Holder suing the state of Arizona and its immigration law SB107

"Obama and Holder is on the side of a foreign country against the State of Arizona."

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary


Anonymous said...

I know that I am half Norweigian and I do not see any signs in Norweigian or Italian or French. I think a stop to the take over of America and it's values need to be done. Stop sleeping America or tomorrow you may wake up and all your freedom is gone. Yes, there are constitional rights to protect America's Freedom not to make it OK for other governments and some religions to overtake us and take away our freedom all in the name of using the constatution against us. It is not racist to make people have their papers and if they are law abiding citizens who understand what is going on and are not here illegially then they would have no problem with it. Every other nationality had to learn the English language and abide by the United States laws so it is not being racist to make Mexicans abide by the laws that every other American citizen and nationality in this country have to abide by.

Anonymous said...

Prof Terry J. Lovell is a hater, and he makes several lies and misstatements during his rant. Opposition to sb 1070 is not siding with the drug cartels it is opposing discrimanitory law. sb 1070 was crafted by Corrections Corporation of America (i.e. private prison) who were big contributors to Republican candidates. So now you have private corporations crafting laws to arrest people so they can get government money to imprison them, be afraid be very afraid. He said that the federal government does not enforce border laws, false, didn't you also hear him mention border patrol? Mexican drug cartels exist because Americans buy the drugs. Decriminalize drugs and their profit is gone, use the tax revenue from legal drug sales to fund rehabilitation and prevention programs, that is how you defeat drug cartels. Mexicans migrate here trying to make a better life and because we want them because they work cheap and we don't want to pay decent wages. Comprehensive immigrations reform and a sane guest worker program which would allow workers to be background checked, taxed and able to return home at the end of their contract would go far in reducing the problems of illegal immigration. This guy is feeding you bullshit, creating racism and xenophobia to detract from real problems, like corporations robbing us blind. Illegal immigration has been going on for generations and to blame it all on Obama is pure bullshit. It is true some illegal immigrants are criminal but no more than any other segment of the population, I live here and know that for the most part they are just (very hard working people!) trying to survive, like me or you or anyone else would under similar circumstances. It is a problem and it needs to be addressed, but I am offended by this man's unreasonable hate speech.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

I don't believe labeling someone a "hater" because they disagree with your position is a reasonable response. Interesting that his "lies" and "misstatements" that you claim to exist are responded by you with lies and misstatements. SB 1070 is not discriminatory law, it is simply enforcing existing law with clearer language. Nothing in the law is not already on the federal books. I do not buy into your "corporations conspiracy" argument, but that is not to say that private industries don't wield influence in our political system - corporate lobbies have no place in our political system. And of course you dragged Republican candidates into your conspiracy theory. The federal government does not enforce many of the immigration laws, and Obama as admitted to such. The argument in the court case against Arizona by the federal government is that "if the federal government chooses to not enforce the law, the state can't either so as not to be contrary to the federal government per article VI of the Constitution." Problem is, that in itself is an unconstitutional argument. Immigration is a concurrent jurisdiction, and the states have a right to enforce immigration law.

As for your argument about Mexican drug cartels existing because Americans buy the drugs, that is in part true. But decriminalizing drugs would not solve the problem. Drugs are not the cause of the problem, simply a tool for the cartels. Take away drugs and they will simply find a different product - or simply make more potent drugs than the legal ones on the market.

Mexicans migrate here trying to make a better life because they allowed their own country to go to crap. Do you really want people who allowed their own country to go to crap to come here in an illegal manner and do the same? And if we legalize them, they will then get "fair wages" which will then actually hurt them because they will no longer be hired as cheap labor, and then less of them will be able to procure employment, sending them into the entitlement system which would solidify them as Democrat voters. In other words, the illegal alien fight is not because Republicans want power, but because Democrats are searching for new voters.

Amnesty style programs bit us in the ass when Reagan did it, and will bite us again if we enact such legislation. Didn't we learn from the first time? I have no problem with immigration. Do it legally, and welcome to America. . . but law breakers must be treated in accordance to the law. One more example of Obama's lawlessness.

The immigration issue, if you oppose illegals, does not make one a racist. Am I a racist? Do you think I hate Mexicans?

I'll tell my Mexican wife about you, and then we will laugh together at your ignorance.

goodtallviking said...

Gibbs has it about right.
A nation is defined by three things: Our language, our borders, and our culture. We the People of the USA are slowly losing all 3, and it is urgent that we reverse these trends. Can't read, write, speak, or understand English ? Go home untill you can. Break a Federal law by entering the USA illegally ? Go directly to federal prison for 2 years, then get deported. Do it again ? 10 years prison. Don't like the American culture ? Go home.
No other country in the world fails to prosecute and deport illegals. Why do we ???

Anonymous said...

I recently watch the Professor's video on the issue of illegal drug cartel in Arizona and I am personally outraged on this issue. From a responsible student and hard working citizen of this country I find the fact that we are putting our tax dollars towards prisons that are housing illegal Mexican's. What can we do to change this policy??!!!

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

How can we change it? Vote. Remove the cockroaches that think they are professional politicians, and replace them with statesmen who understand original intent.

Anonymous said...

Because Obama and his beliefs in the Bilderberg New World Order neo-socialist agenda, who (have their roots in Marxism and Nazism) want to create economical destabilization in America by purposefully leaving our southern border with Mexico open and unprotected, in order to bring about their NWO agenda - to turn America's democracy into a neo-facist socialist regime whereby the banksters, plutocrats, oilgargarchs, and their collusion with the MIC / Military Industrial Complex will control everything and in turn take away all of the American citizens Constitutional rights, guns and property and turn all poor Americans into second-class serfdom slaves for the state - much like Cuba and other south American countries are now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gibbs, when you and your Mexican wife are laughing, remind her that she's a coconut.

Anonymous said...

All rhetoric aside, the facts underline FACTS of the matter are simple...

1. Border patrol, DHS, and other assets responsible for enforcing border law are stretched very thin -- enough to be ineffective at times.

2. State law enforcement personnel are not allowed to enforce most federal laws.

3. Arizona has crafted a law that EXACTLY parallels EXISTING federal law in order to empower their own law enforcement personnel with the same rights as the federal agents.

4. There is nothing in the law that circumvents due process. A judge will still be the one to decide the immigration status of anyone detained under this law -- no different than if "Joe the Plumber" was caught driving down main st in NYC without a license. He too would(could) be detained until a judge sorted it out.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure goodtalkviking would love to double his and everyone elses taxes to pay for the millions of people he would imprison with his short sighted views.