Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sharia College To Open in California

By Douglas V. Gibbs

According to a site called Logan's Warning a college in California is set to open that is specifically designed to be in line with Sharia law.

This means that not only are mosques being opened in America to recruit and teach the violent ideology of Islam, but now in the U.S. there will be colleges to do the same.

The college is being proposed during the same time that a controversy has arisen regarding a mosque at New York City’s Ground Zero, and mosques at many other locations around the country are being proposed. Students will arrive this week at the California school that is aiming to become the country’s first accredited Muslim college.

Zaytuna College hopes to train a generation of Islamic clerics and professionals in a Western Islamic tradition. . . but remember, there is no such thing as moderate Islam.

Even reporter Andrew McCarthy has conceded such.

The school, surprisingly located in the liberal hot-bed of Berkeley, California, will offer just two degrees – Arabic, and a combined Islamic law and theology major – when it opens its doors Monday to the 15 students in its first freshmen class. The class includes eight women and seven men.

The plan is to expand to around 150 students in the school’s first four years and that they want to eventually train young people for careers in U.S. law, journalism, academia, and other fields (that way they can take over America internally faster).

Sharia, after all, is about conquest. It is not about building bridges. It is about forced conversion, and Islamic domination over non-Muslims.

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