Monday, September 27, 2010

Colbert Proves How Idiotic our Congressional Democrats Truly Are

By Douglas V. Gibbs

No joke. The hardly funny, and quite the idiot, comedian Stephen Colbert made an appearance before a House panel on farm jobs and illegal immigrants. He was in comedian mode, proving the stupidity of the Democrats, and how little they revere Congressional standards.

The whole affair began before the Congressional show of the absurd when committee chairman Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat, and Mr. Colbert, spent a few hours picking vegetables to draw attention to the issue of migrant workers.

Note: I know a number of individuals that have applied to pick fruit in this tough economy, and were not hired because they don't speak Spanish.

Once on the floor, the idiocy of what the Democrat's were doing, coupled with Colbert's lack of ability to form cohesive thoughts, even led Representative John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, to plead with Mr. Colbert to leave the room before his testimony, sensing the mistake the committee was making. Ms. Lofgren overrode Conyers' plea. Then, as Colbert opened his pie hole, and the excrement began to fly from his lips, it became rapidly understood that what was happening was a huge mistake.

Mr. Colbert's character is a caricature of a conservative talk show host (who he claims to be Bill O'Reilly, of which is not conservative), amusing a tiny little audience who has this strange obsession with searching for ways to laugh at those crazy rightwingers. In reality, Colbert's antics are a nasty little example of the tasteless leftism that has done its damage to the Democrat Party, and has been a small part of encouraging the rise of the Tea Party movement.

However, Colbert's style was not received in the halls of Congress quite well, and proved how small-minded the Democrats truly are. The liberal Democrats are facing a rough November, yet they are still so smug in their elitism that they are willing to even make a farce of the process of lawmaking, and expect no rebuff from it.

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