Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Perpetual Chicanery of Public Affairs

"Public affairs go on pretty much as usual: perpetual chicanery and rather more personal abuse than there used to be." --John Adams

By Douglas V. Gibbs

A large portion of voters are like you, well informed, and folks who make their decisions not based on a party, or a symbol, or the smooth verbal deceit of an Illinois Senator. Unfortunately, a large portion of voters looks no deeper than what the politicians, or the media outlets, tell them. They are uninformed, and check the box next to either the incumbent, or the smoothest talker, or the main-extreme press's favorite son, on election day.

Then there are those that don't vote at all. They either believe their vote does not matter, or that regardless of how they vote government is going to do what it does anyway, because all politicians are crooks and liars.

When this nation was founded, checks and balances were put into place to ensure nobody had too much power. One of those checks and balances were the vote of the people. If a power structure gains too much power in the government, or an establishment of political elitism begins to rise, the voters are tasked with making sure that the power party's broken up, and a new crop of representatives and statesmen take the place of the professional politicians.

We have fallen down on the job.

Sharron Angle, during the debate where she destroyed Reid recently, asked the Senate Majority Leader, "How did you get so rich? You left Searchlight, Nevada, you didn't have much money. How did you get so rich in the Senate?"

Reid became rich in politics, as has most of the establishment politicians (from both parties). And I am sure those riches came from more than just the compensation.

The professional politicians have done nothing to contribute to this nation in the sense of real work, and have been sucking off the taxpayer most of their lives. They will tell you they do what they do for their community, country, and fellow citizens, but in truth, there is a financial motivator they chase like a carrot in front of a donkey.

The Founding Fathers felt that there should be compensation for political service, but that compensation should not be so high that it is the motivation for pursuing a political career. This is why politicians hate term limits, or legislation that puts limits on their expenditure funds and salaries (Murrieta Initiatives C, D, and E are under fire by the established City Council for exactly this reason). They have a good thing going, and they desire to keep up their chicanery in perpetuity. The people taking back government, however, are met with personal attacks because, in the minds of the politicians, who are the people to dare question their authority, and way of doing things?

Jokes that politicians are liars and thieves are as old as the political profession. Like the old joke: "Did you hear about the bus load of politicians that went over a cliff? It was a real tragedy. . . One of the seats was empty." Well, if we know they are all a bunch of crooks, then why do we keep voting the same ones in, and why do we believe them when they tell us the lies they tell us?

Harry Reid, and his fellow leftists in the Democrat Party, epitomize the image of a lying, thieving, vicious politician. They bought votes for health care, they lied to us about what was in the bill, Obama and friends acted like centrists while running for office then went so far to the left after being elected that even Karl Marx had to get out of the way. The inefficiency and incompetence runs rampant through government, as the federal government acts illegally when the U.S. Constitution is applied.

In fact, the liberals believe the Constitution is wrong in how it was written!

The way to break up the chicanery is to get involved. A revolution is brewing, and in November the response of the people to this unbelievable unconstitutional way of governing will be applied. Step by step, piece by piece, we are taking back America from the leftists. But don't be happy with just November. Hold the Republican's feet to the fire too! And put in the right people locally. Trust me, the chicanery of public affairs exists at all levels, and it is up to us to put a stop to it.

Otherwise, our children and grandchildren will pay dearly for our sin of omission.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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