Monday, November 29, 2010

Food Bill Senate Vote Tonight

By Douglas V. Gibbs

S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Senate vote on cloture is tonight.

The "Food Bill" is masked as an attempt to make our food supply safer. But one must ask, "Where is there a safer food supply in the world?" Ours is already the safest.

The Food Bill is actually an attempt to insert government control into the food industry under the guise of protecting the food supply. What it will do in the long run is raise food prices, and diminish the supply by putting farmers out of business because of the extra costs involved.

History is clear. Whenever government asserts control over the food supply, people starve. Government intrusion leads to starvation. Just ask the North Koreans, Palestinians, or those that once lived under the iron fist of the Soviet Union and Cuba.

This bill is dangerous, and most of America opposes this insanity. . . not to mention that it is unconstitutional - Where in the Constitution does the federal government have the authority to regulate our food in the first place? The answer is, no where. Food regulation is not a federal authority, so if the federal government seizes the power over our food, it will be taking yet another step towards tyranny, and totalitarianism.

Added note: In the original bill there was also a provision to regulate backyard farming, but after an outcry they removed the provision - but don't be fooled, they will eventually work their way back to dictating to you what you can do in your own personal gardens down the road should this bill become law.

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