Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Obama's Got Balls. . . to the lip, to the head

By Douglas V. Gibbs

When Obama busted his lip playing basketball, it was big news. I questioned his playing style, and even wondered if the basketball injury was just a story to cover up that Michelle had hauled off and fattened Barry's lip.

Now, about a month later, Barack Obama missed taking a golf ball to the head by a matter of two feet.

Do I sense a pattern here?

As an avid golfer, I figured someone from another fairway had smacked a wicked slice, and put their wayward Titleist on a deadly trajectory heading straight for the President's golf cart zone. Innocently unaware of the incoming sphere, unknowing Obama (still nursing a stitched up lip) lucked out that the slice had not gone two feet farther.

Then, I found out that the ball that nearly hit Obama was a shot out of the rough by one of the players in Barry's group of golfers.

Then it occurred to me. Obama isn't unlucky with balls. He's unsafe.

Unless the shot out of the rough was heading back toward the tee box, Obama's near zonk to the dome with a dimpled white golf ball was nobody's fault but the President's. On the golf course, you don't (as a rule) travel down the fairway beyond the balls of the guys getting ready to shoot. The next golfer in turn is always the person farthest from the green, which means there is no reason to go down the fairway past the ball farthest from the green. It is not just a matter of golf etiquette, but also a matter of safety.

Obama put himself in harm's way by going down the fairway. Barry is not the first golfer to do such a stupid thing, and he won't be the last. But, considering my experience as a golfer of nearly twenty-five years, I have noticed that the kind of people who tend to do that sort of thing tend to be the kind of people who think they are a better golfer than everyone else, and they just can't lower themselves to wait for the slower, less talented golfers. You know the kind of person. Narcissistic, self-absorbed, and under the firm belief that they could walk in a godly manner on a cloud of smoke across a firing range and not get hit.

Now, back to that basketball injury. Along with golf, one of my favorite games to play is basketball. I've been playing in pick-up games for the last thirty-plus years, and I have taken an injury to the face only once. Despite my aggressive play, the only injury to the face I have every taken in a basketball game was back when I was fifteen years old, when a player grabbing a rebound came down and landed his elbow to my nose. The collision busted up my nose pretty good, and from there on out, I continued to play aggressively, but not by leading with my face.

Obama's injury to the lip, and his near miss on the golf course, tells me one of three things. Either Obama is new at the games, he is an unsafe individual who takes no precautions, or he doesn't learn from his mistakes in regards to past experiences.

I am thinking, based on his politics, its the third possibility.

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