Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Democrat Call for Political Civility Orwellian/Soviet Tactic In Action

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The call for civility by the liberal left Democrats is a call for censorship. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press seems to only apply if you agree with the Left.

The First Amendment was written with the intent to protect political speech. When free speech is in danger, and a group is told to hold its tongue, freedom is at risk.

How long, after this call for civility by the Left, will it be before people begin to be turned in for daring to speak in opposition of the government? It got to the point in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and George Orwell's fictitious novel, 1984, that neighbors were turning in neighbors, and children were turning in their parents, for daring to speak out against the government.

We are being told we can't smoke, can't eat trans fats, have to limit our salt, will be punished for drinking sugary drinks, health care will be rationed once the government gains the single-payer system they desire, nuns and children are being felt up at airports, and now we are not allowed to say anything to oppose the leftist agenda - otherwise we are not abiding by the president's call for "civility."

Doesn't sound like freedom to me. What do you call a society with our freedoms controlled like that? What is the definition of a nationalistic government system that disarms criticism through such methods?

I call it a tyranny.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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