Saturday, January 29, 2011

No Laughing Matter

We're so very far from being near any position where we can laugh about anything regarding the Obamidency.

But ForAmerica.org gives it the old college try:

Yes, the TBS motif is as obvious as it looks. Yes, Ensign Ed took care of the equally obvious "There's already a Barack Obama Station - MSNBCCCP!" joke. But I kind of liked how close "BOS" comes to either BS or POS, if you know what I mean. Hey, if you're gonna rip on The One, why be civil about it?

Meanwhile, you remember the International Monetary Fund? That piece of multilateralist trash through which we've laundered foreign aid boodle for all these decades? Well guess what - now they're starting to give US financial advice.

And guess what else? They're....right:

U.S. officials must act quickly to control government deficits or face slower growth and even more difficult choices in the future, the International Monetary Fund said Thursday in a report criticizing the tepid U.S. response to its rising public debt.

The IMF warning comes as federal officials grapple with a congressional projection this week that the annual deficit will reach a historic $1.5 trillion this year. This was the latest report to raise concerns about how massive government debts in developed countries could undermine the global economic recovery.

“The U.S. has a lot of credibility. This does not imply their credibility can last forever,” IMF fiscal affairs director Carlo Cottarelli said as he released the IMF study. It concluded that the United States is falling behind on a promise it made to other top economic countries to halve its budget deficit by 2013.

“This is a problem many years in the making and will take a concerted effort by Democrats and Republicans working together to find a solution,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said in answer to a question about the IMF report.

He noted that President Obama called for a freeze on discretionary spending during this week’s State of the Union address. IMF officials have welcomed the step but said that spending cuts in pension and health entitlement programs are also needed.

What Gibbsy left out is a president who will provide the leadership and the signature for and on the necessary legislation privatizing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and repealing ObamaCare. Because that's what it's going to take to come close to keeping our pledge to the rest of the industrialized world, and it will never, EVER come from his misbegotten boss.

Bottom line from Mr. Morrissey:

For the IMF, this is even more worrisome than the Greek default. After all, the IMF could rely on the US to help backstop the bailout for Greece and perhaps other EU members on the ragged edge of default. If the US starts to slide, there won’t be anyone to bail out America — and the IMF will be utterly destroyed in the collapse.

But BOS will be utterly empowered by it. Because he never, EVER lets a crisis go to waste.

Still feel like laughing?

"Very scary," indeed.

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