Sunday, January 30, 2011

Unrest in Secular Muslim Countries Opportunity for Radical Islam

By Douglas V. Gibbs

As the violence in Egypt increases, and Jordan joins the ranks of Middle Eastern and North African Muslim nations that are erupting into riots, the media is careful to report that the cause is sky-rocketing food prices, fuel prices, and the fact that these various Muslim nations have been under the rule of oppressive dictators. We are being told that these uprisings have been triggered by a desire for democracy and freedom.

Perhaps the rise in food and fuel prices are a factor. Perhaps the iron rule of dictatorships have convinced the populations of these countries to take action. I hope that is the case, and I understand the drive for a freer society.

Mubarak has been in power for 30 years in Egypt, and many question the support the United States have given this piece of excrement (now there is word that the U.S. Government has thrown its support behind the rebels) in the past. With radical Islam knocking on the door, my opinion is that by keeping Mubarak in power, as bad as this jerk is, it kept out of Egypt something even worse.

That goes for Tunisia, Algeria, and the rest, as well.

The Muslim Brotherhood, or radical groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda, may be influential in the uprisings. Iran may have a hand in it as well. It is not completely outside the realm of possibilities that these uprisings are being fueled by the Islamist desire to resurrect the Ottoman Empire, which would consolodate the Muslim world under a single caliphate.

Whether the jihad is behind these uprisings, or not, one thing is for sure: In crisis, the opportunistic Islamists of the jihad will try to take advantage of the void that will be exposed after each of these dictatorial leaders resign.

After all, wasn't it Rahm Emanuel that reminded us that tyranny needs crisis, because it is during a crisis that radicals can do things they couldn't normally do.

We may not see something as obvious as the Islamic Revolution that swept through Iran thirty years ago, but it is apparent that each of these secular Muslim countries that are currently experiencing unrest among the citizenry are ripe for a takeover by radical Islamism.

Turkey recently moved from being a staunch ally of the United States, to a nation under the rule of a radical Islamist government. It happened quickly, without many of us noticing.

Now eight "secular" countries are all experiencing strife. The fact that this many secular Muslim countries are all experiencing revolts at the same time is not a coincidence. Islam is working to consolodate. She is pulling the stragglers into the fold.

The violence has only just begun.

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