Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Liberal Left Calling for Wisconsin Style Protests in all 50 States

Move On dot Org is one of the leftists groups behind the protest in Wisconsin. Similar protests are also emerging in Indiana and Ohio, under the tutelage of leftist organizations. They are now calling for protests in all 50 states. Communists like Van Jones are also being named by Move One dot Org as being involved.

The First Sentence in Move On's Call to Action is as follows: Calling all students, teachers, union members, workers, patriots, public servants, unemployed folks, progressives, and people of conscience

Students: When asked why they were at the protests in Wisconsin, the students usually didn't know. They were there because their leftists teachers told them to.

Teachers: So much for the kids being number one. Instead of teaching, they are whining in the streets because they might have to pay a little more for benefits. In the private industry they would never survive.

Union Members: Deceived into believing that the union is out for their interest.

Workers: Workers is a communist term. This is a nation of employees, entrepreneurs, and patriots.

Patriots: Patriots voted Walker and the Republicans into office.

Public Servants: Who expect taxpayers that don't get the golden deal the public employees get to pony up more money for their greedy demands.

Unemployed Folks: Rather than look for work? Oh, that's right, they have 99 weeks of unemployment coming to them. Government paying people not to work.

Progressives: Also known as liberals, socialists, communists...

People of Conscience: If they had a conscience they'd realize we don't have the money to pay for the labor union's demands anymore.

As for the Wisconsin Democrats; by bailing out of the state they show who is more important to them: The unions (because that is where they get their money from), not the voters.

Fact is, if this Wisconsin idea of busting the unions goes nationwide, and the unions do get busted up, it could spell the end of the Democrat Party. Their funding and power base would be gone.

I remember Obama saying something about "living within our means." If he was serious he would be supporting Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

To pull ourselves out of this critical moment in history we must cut spending, eliminate costly programs like public employee pensions, and reform the entitlement programs. Instead, our president is hostile to the private sector, which means he's hostile towards wealth creation and job creation.

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