Wednesday, May 11, 2011

True Feminism

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I hate feminism in its current form. The definition of feminism from a sociological point of view is nothing close to what many parts of the feminist movement claims. "Feminism" is supposed to mean "equality regardless of sex." Equality, in turn, provides equal opportunities, and the choice of being whatever one desires.

Women's Rights, though many may reason we still have a long way to go, has progressed remarkably in the United States, providing women in this country with opportunities not necessarily available elsewhere in the world.

The Feminist Movement in America, however, has become something I truly hate. Long ago the women's rights movement stopped being about providing choices for women, and it became just another radical arm of activism of the hard progressive left. Women are told that it is a competition, that they must overpower, and that men are somehow the enemy.

True feminism is not about sticking it to the men, or making sure that there are as many women CEOs in America, than there are men. In fact, true feminism is supposed to be about choice.

My wife worked early in our marriage. As we got older, she chose to quit working and stay home with the children to be a mom and a wife. She decided to cook and clean and raise the babies. When the kids were older I put her through school. She earned four associates degrees, and a bachelors degree. She plans to go after her master's degree. Our youngest moved out last November, and with the final child out of the house, she chose to go back to work. My wife, in my opinion, is the true feminist. She made choices to work, go to school, and take care of her family. The fact that she "chose" to do those things is true freedom - and in her case, true feminism.

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