Monday, June 20, 2011

Liberal Deception Even Deceives the Deceivers

By Douglas V. Gibbs

If the liberal left politicians told the American public what they really intended to do in office, or explained that their entitlements were actually dooming the public to slavery to the federal government, they would never get into office.

To get elected, liberals have to lie.

The liberal left may not be necessarily propagating some organized effort to make America a totalitarian state, or to create a globalistic system of governance some would call the New World Order. Sure, globalism is a natural result of the statism we are seeing in this nation, but I don't think that most liberal leftists are consciously trying to do such things on their own. The push in that direction is an effort they don't even realize they are a part of. These people on the left, I believe, truly do think what they are doing is best for society, their country, and humanity. It is this attitude that lends them to join together in a move toward a totalitarian state and a globally governed society, whether they realize it or not.

That said, I do believe some of them are indeed true believers, and are working purposely to bring about America's demise.

Most liberals see everything as some big misunderstanding. In the leftist's opinion, Bullies are misunderstood, and terrorists attack Israel because the Jews and the United States did something to upset them. In the liberal world those that oppose their agenda just simply don't understand it, and must be simple-minded people who need all the more to be coddled by the government.

The Left seems to think that their utopian schemes work, and are beneficial to the United States, when indeed their programs are destroying American, brick by brick.

They don't understand that their "motivations" are the very things they will cause us to lose our freedoms. Their actions will lead to a tyrannical government that may rise up and take control of America, and the world, with an iron fist. After all, when a government entity takes control for the good of the community, isn't totatliarianism eventually what occurs?

Liberalism, leftism, statism, socialism, communism, Marxism - it's all the same. Ultimately, statism is a blend of two -isms: Utopianism and Collectivism.

The truth has no agenda, and is plain as can be. But the leftists are so blinded by their ideology, that they can't see the truth.

The liberals are spiritually blind and deceived by principalities, powers, and the rulers of the darkness.

Political systems are a reflection of the faith of the people. If the people are wretched, the state will be wretched. If the foundation is man-centered, then the laws of man will belong to them, and eventually destroy the society. If the people are God-fearing, adhering to Biblical standards, then the society will be much like America has been prior to the attempt to secularize the American culture.

The founding fathers believed that the central government should be restrained in every way.

During the time of the founding of this nation, the citizen was responsible for his own welfare, and was expected to be personally responsible for their well being. The Declaration of Independence states that our rights are inalienable, given to us by God, and it was for those rights of individualism we fought the Revolutionary War.

Americanism suggests that the citizen keeps more of what he worked for, or produced. A free market without government control is the system the founders put into place. A capitalistic system gives everyone the opportunity to pursue happiness. The wealth, health, and retirement of the citizen was entirely in his hands. If he fell short, it was on his shoulders. Of course family and friends participated in helping each other out when some members of society fell behind, but it was not the role of government to get involved in any way.

Collectivism and Utopianism was what had ruined Europe, and America wanted nothing to do with that.

Evil men cannot produce a good society, and a strong central government cannot provide the choices necessary to breed liberty. Your rights are yours to exercise and protect.

Now they tell you they will dictate your health care.

I choose not to become dependent upon the government, nor accept the leftist belief that people are unable to be personally responsible for their lives.

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