Thursday, June 02, 2011

Social Services Line and the Roach Coach

By Douglas V. Gibbs

On the way back from a delivery of Permeable Base in Los Angeles, I drove by a social services office. The line of people hoping for benefits from the government because of their assumed dire financial circumstances was out the door, around the building, and down the parking lot to the street. Parked next to the line, about halfway down, was a lunch truck, and I noticed that business was good for the roach coach at the social services building.

When I was in construction for thirteen-plus years (interestingly enough, after I was a loan counselor at a credit union, and a business tax clerk for a city) I bought off of those trucks every once in a while, and let me tell you, those trucks are not cheap to buy off of.

I asked myself, as I watched the folks crowd the break truck: How is it that these folks that are having such problems feeding their loved ones that they need public assistance from the government can afford to buy junk off of the lunch wagon?

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Snooper said...

Because they are dumber than boxes of turtle turds

Ticker said...

It is all part of the "entitlement"syndrome. We poor downtrodden folk deserve to be coddled by society cause society keeps us down. We ain't lazy! See how we stand in line all day to sign up for what is "rightly ours?"
That is the entitlement syndrome re-enforced by the Democrat Plantation overseers.