Friday, September 30, 2011

Obama: America Has Gotten A Little Soft. . . You Think?

By Douglas V. Gibbs

For once in his life, Obama is right on something. Even a broken clock is right two times a day. Barry is right, but for the wrong reasons.

"I mean, there are a lot of things we can do," Obama said. "The way I think about it is, you know, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn't have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track."

Soft to Obama means that we are unwilling to move towards a hardline leftist direction of becoming the next soviet style Marxist nation.

Obama hates this nation as it was founded. He hates its history and its values. As a liberal statist he looks upon our system with contempt because he believes America became great on the backs of the poor less fortunate nations of the world. His refusal to place his hand on his heart at a function when the National Anthem was being played, or to wear a flag lapel pin during his presidential campaign, summed up exactly who he is. He skipped the wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day two years in a row. Obama ordered the U.S. military compounds in Haiti involved in humanitarian relief work to not fly the American flag. “We are not an occupation force, but an international partner committed to supporting the government of Haiti on the road to recovery.”

Obama sees America as founded as an occupier. Did he really think that the Haitians could conceivably equate the Stars and Strips flying over an aid distribution center with neo-colonialism?

When speaking at a West Point graduation, Obama explained his vision of a "new international order," which includes taking American sovereignty and subordinating it to the international institutions that wish to dismantle our nation's greatness. This kind of idiocy will inevitably lead to us needing a U.N. resolution to defend our national security, and where our decisions on our fiscal policy would be made in Brussels by people that hate our system of limited government and liberty.

The grand design is to hate America, so Obama hates America. He was raised with this poison, taught to believe it by his anti-colonialist male figures, and his communist mother.

He is in lock-step with the goose-stepping United Nations and European Union. They all hate the non-socialist system in America, so he hates it too. And they are anti-Israel, so under the Obama dictate, America must be too.

Obama believes that America has sinned, so we must atone for those sins.

It is amazing how Europe was saved by us from fascism in World War II, and saved by us from communism in the Cold War, yet now wish to become the enemy that was defeated, and has made their enemy the very nation that saved them from destruction before.

Energy sources, like oil and coal, that built this country is something that must be eliminated, the Leftists will tell you. You know. To save the planet. They have gone so far as to work towards banning asthma inhalers to save the planet, because their devotion to an environmental cause that has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with totalitarian control over your usage of energy, is more important than children being able to breath.

Obama thinks we torture those poor, innocent, Islamists when they are captured by our forces after these Muslim pieces of crap spend their lives killing innocent victims. And he thinks the world hates us because of us defending nations against the Muslim disease that is spreading across this nation, or because we haven't stopped using oil which is (in their opinion) destroying the planet. Obama, and the hard left communist Democrat Party has now become a full-fledged member of the insane. . . who believes America is guilty. We are guilty because we have dared to be a growing, prosperous, nation.

These leftists are working on creating an authoritarian regime where you can't use the American System for greatness anymore. They won't rest until we are cut down to size and pay the price for our sins. Right now the liberals in charge are a bunch of leftist, Marxist collectivists that think their own country sucks, and it is up to them to save us from ourselves.

In the end, the democrats have a blood thirst for power, and they are willing to strip away all of your freedoms through draconian regulations, and any other kind of big government they can muster, to achieve total power over you. They will do anything, including deceptively violate the Constitution, the laws on the books (such as in their lawsuits against States for wanting to enforce immigration laws. . . that are on the books), and deceive you through the media and the education system in order to get it. They work to destroy faith in God, as the Soviets did, through constant ridicule against Christianity, while propping up Islam with appeasement and concessions - and blaming America for the very presence of terrorism.

Yes, we have gotten a little soft, because as voters we voted into power this sick ideology. Liberalism fails wherever it is tried, and just the last few years proves how dangerous this line of thinking truly is. We have grown soft because we elected into power people who want to destroy this country as we know it, and we are letting them do it.

We have gotten a little soft because the voters believed the lies of the democrats during the campaign. History doesn't change. The liberal left democrats always pretend the have moved to the center to get elected. They know that they cannot be who they are and win elections. But once they think they've got a handle on power, they reveal who they are - and that is what we are seeing.

To win in 2008 the liberal left demonized George W. Bush, called him a terrorist and called for war crime trials against him and his administration. They opposed Bush's faith-based initiatives. They accused Bush of destroying the economy while the unemployment rate was still under 5%, and when the crash was not only caused by their "everyone must be able to own a home" mentality, but when the republicans warned of the coming crash and it was the democrats who refused to accept that possibility accusing the Right of "fear-mongering."

"Fannie and Freddie will never be in trouble," claimed Barney Frank.

We have gotten a little soft because we said nothing. We did not call the liberal left on their bull crap. We sat idly by as they took power on lies and deception, and we have allowed them to do everything they can to expand the government.

Yes, Mr. Obama, we have grown soft. But in 2010 we spoke up enough to win back the House of Representatives. 2012 is shaping up to be another blow to the soviet-style leftism of the democrats. We have been soft, but some of us have shaken off that mistake and are moving forward to defend this nation's heritage against the liberal left progressive bastards that are dead set in destroying our American System of limited government.

Liberals lie. The liberal left is all about power, and they are willing to say whatever they must or do whatever they must to gain it. None of what Obama, and the progressive democrats say, is legitimate, genuine, or sincere. They are deceptive. They are calculated. . . diabolical. They do what they can to win, and then destroy. That is what liberalism does. They will never claim America to be exceptional in the way that it truly is, because they are not about "country." Liberals are all about ideology, even if it means destroying the country in the process.

The liberals of the Democrat Party believe that this country is deeply flawed because of the very structure that made it great. They believe this is an unjust and immoral country because they haven't been able to put their ruling class socialism into place, yet.

The liberals are working to punish this country for daring to be, in their opinion, socially unjust. They work to redistribute the wealth, punish the achievers, and place themselves up at the top as the ruling elite. If anybody fights them, they threaten to end elections, so that they can force their agenda upon you. You are stupid, to them. Your Tea Party candidates are amateurs and obstructionists, as far as they are concerned. They just can't have that. Their agenda must be put into place, even if it must be done forcefully - and only the "professional politicians" can be trusted to make that happen.

They will try to convince you of what a rotten place we are, about what a rotten country we are. It must be "changed," they will tell you. Our only "hope" is to "change" America from the system it was founded upon to something like the failing societies of Europe. They will tell you that 9/11, and even the USS Cole, was because we are an arrogant nation that dares to be exceptional.

The liberal left democrats are more likely than not to agree with our enemies, that we're destroying the planet with global warming, destroying the planet with our success as a society, and that we deserved to be attacked by the dark ages mentality of Islam.

At this point, Obama is pleased with what he has done, but he wants to destroy this nation even more. He still thinks people look at him as the messiah, and his frustration is that there are a few out there that don't. He sees the Tea Party as an obstacle, and it is them he is addressing when he calls America "soft." Obama believes that this nation is a center-left nation, so most of the people out there hates America as much he does. A narcissist like Obama is bound to have that line of thinking. Obama has constructed his own reality of imaginary power, and now he is upset that there are actually those out there that don't like his socialist agenda. A Marxist Revolution is hard work, and those that dare oppose it, in his opinion, are weak and soft. Obama acts like he thinks that everybody feels the same way as he does about things, except for those pesky rightwingers, so he must put them in their place. Point out that they are soft for not being down for the struggle. After all, reasons Obama and the democrats, this country is guilty. Those Tea Party people, as far as they are concerned, are the last relic of America's imperial past where the United States has been racist, sexist, bigoted and homophobic. They are reminders, he thinks, of America's past as being colonial, imperialistic, and immoral and unjust to those poor people that Obama believes needs to be continued to be paid to stay poor through entitlements.

Yes, we have grown soft because we have let the enemies of America to successfully infiltrate many of our institutions. American liberty does not breed communists and Marxists. They are either imported, or educated to be that way by the liberal institutions and hard left media.

We are soft because we let it happen.

I remember when the crap the progressive leftist liberals push was considered the enemy. We used to be angry when we heard the Soviet Union call us capitalist pigs. Now, there are people who rejoice when they hear the liberal left say the exact same thing. We now say nothing as the liberal left teaches communism, and tries to convert people to it. Liberalism has embraced what we used to think was a rotten thing. Communism was horrible. It used to be if you were a communist, you had to live in the shadows. Now, they are out in the open, calling themselves the ruling elite, and going by the label of liberal democrat.

Alas, Obama is right that America has gone soft, but in ways he would never understand.

We have gone soft because we have allowed tyranny to creep across the nation, and we have done little to stop it.

We have gone soft because we have allowed our values to deteriorate under the onslaught of secular madness presented by the Left.

Turning it around is not easy. But the founders gave us an instruction booklet on how to turn this nation back around. The Founding Fathers gave us instructions on how to return this nation back away from the brink of tyranny. It can be read in less than thirty minutes, but it took them four months to write it. Our chance to move away from being soft, the path to taking back this nation, can be found on the pages of the U.S. Constitution.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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