Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bay Area Occupy Groups Searching For Their Own Kent State Scenario

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Clashes with riot police in Oakland, and now San Francisco, reveals to us that the Marxists of the Occupy Protest madness is ready to take their little game to the next communist level. Their next phase is to increase civil disobedience. The hope of the freaks that are stinking up the streets with their free loading filth is to create the illusion of a police state, to bring violence into the equation. Then, they can appeal to the federal government to get involved, to crack down on those mean ol' local authorities, and create an excuse for Obama to declare martial law.

They want violence, they want blood in the streets, they want Kent State. They want revolution, and to change our system into a socialist system where the government takes care of everybody in a Statist Nightmare.

The next few weeks will get rough.

As for Obama, he, and his cronies are knee deep in the Occupy movement, waiting for their opportunity to insert the federal government into the whole situation. In fact, Obama's ACORN army is highly involved in the whole mess.

This whole Occupy garbage is a part of a master plan to create unrest and chaos, general frustration, and to dispirit people who dare oppose his excellency, President Barry Hussein Obama.

And when the violence goes crazy, the media will be right there to blame the achievers of society, those big bad corporations, those mean ol' local authorities, the republicans, and the Tea Party.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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