Monday, October 31, 2011

Death of the Euro

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Greece has all but collapsed, and Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and a whole host of others, are not too far behind. The idea of the confederacy we know as the European Union was to compete with America's great economy, but Europe failed because they don't understand what makes America great. America is great because of its free market system, and because America is good. America is a republic, where a central government exists to protect and preserve the union, yet the States enjoy autonomy. A strong federal government on issues concerning the union, and a limited federal government on all other issues that must be addressed by the States.

Europe's experiment failed because of liberalism.

With a last ditch effort, Europe is trying to do whatever it can to stay afloat. The leaders are concocting a grand plan of spending and bail outs to prevent future fiscal or financial crises from threatening the single currency.

But they know it is falling apart. Bob Rinear on my radio program told me only a few weeks ago that Germany is printing Deutsche Marks in preparation for the collapse.

The politicians are arguing that more centralization is needed to save the union. As they face collapse caused by statism, they are calling for more statism to save themselves.

It won't be long now, before the countries of Europe are individuals again.

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