Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Rosary Considered Gang Sign by School

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I am not Catholic, but I understand the importance of a rosary to Catholics. Therefore, I respect their desire to wear them for whatever reason. Unfortunately, the liberal secular school system has declared war on any Christian religion, Catholicism included.

A school in Nebraska has determined that since the rosary has been said to have been adopted by gangs as a symbol, a sixth-grade girl cannot wear a necklace that resembles a rosary. According to the school, it violates the dress code at the Fremont Public Schools.

Elizabeth Carey, 12, said the school adopted a policy last year banning the necklaces.

"The principal said I couldn't wear my necklace at all because gangsters were wearing it," she said.

This reminds me of when my daughter was asked to tuck her crucifix under her shirt.

One must remember, however, in history, it was when Christianity faced the most persecution, it grew the most.

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Fremont Girl Banned From Wearing Rosary At School - KETV

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