Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Panthers Plan Violence Against 2012 Republican National Convention

Once a Black Panther, now he hopes to warn Republicans of the Left’s evil plans
By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Former Black Panther and Leftist activist Brandon Darby told a packed East Orlando Tea Party this week that he left the Black Panthers because basically he loves America. He said he just couldn’t take it anymore when he happened upon a video training session by anarchist leaders showing gullible young men how to make Molotov cocktails to shut down the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis in 2008.

”Anarchists were showing videos of throwing Molotov cocktails at corporate systems,” Darby said. The ingredients were bought at a local big box and built using tampons as wicks with oil laced into the gasoline “to better stick to the skin,” like homemade napalm. Something snapped in Darby’s consciousness when he said these radicals were openly calling for shutting down the convention by any means possible, simply because they didn’t like what the Republicans and Sarah Palin were saying.

“That’s bullying,” he added. Giving a heads up to organizers for the August 27, 2012 GOP convention at the Tampa Convention Center, the now conservative forum speaker is warning what could happen again. He said a definite structure of planners had set up a three part division of responsibilities in the Leftist camp; namely the Reds, really hard core anarchists dressed in black whose sole aim was to fight the police; the Yellows who were tasked with blocking roads to the Xcel site; and the Greens, a loosely knit collection of about 10,000 routine protestors.

“I want to get those who want to destroy our country,” he told the Conservatives in a big media event totally IGNORED by the resident local print outlet, giving the term liberal bias by omission a whole new definition! The liberal media at the time, in typical progressive media speak, said Darby exhibited a “hyper masculinity” that led astray the gullible youths who had plans to lob gasoline bombs into a parking lot of cop cars. These two young men, however, received jail terms.

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