Sunday, November 27, 2011

Federal Government Wants To Inject Your Children With Anthrax

By Douglas V. Gibbs

First, it was the Obama Administration striking a sweetheart deal for a small pox vaccine (small pox, by the way, is a disease that has been eradicated), and of course giving all of the taxpayer money for this new not-needed vaccine to a huge democrat party donor.

Now, an Anthrax vaccine for children has been thrown into the barrel of Obama mercantilism scandals. Preference politics has never been so nuts.

Wasn't this the guy that promised to be transparent and different?

The federal government has decided that they need to start injecting children with anthrax. They say it is to protect the children. . . by injecting children with an anthrax vaccine, even though they may never face the threat of being exposed to anthrax, and doing so with a vaccine that has been shown to cause severe reactions such as heart problems and diabetes.

This unprecedented scientific experiment, and absolutely unconstitutional move by the federal government (where in the hell in the Constitution does it give the federal government that kind of authority? It doesn't!), according to bioethicists, will unnecessarily endanger the youngsters’ lives and health.

Since 1998, more than a million people have been vaccinated with this questionable anthrax vaccine, mostly servicemen stationed overseas. The vaccinations were temporarily halted by court order, but continue anyway.

Those that have received this vaccination in the past have experienced severe reactions such as migraines, heart problems, and the onset of diseases including diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Worse, yet, is that this vaccine has never been tested on juveniles, yet they plan to start inoculating kids despite not knowing how these kids may react. They have failed to take into account that a child’s immune system is still developing, and may react in a worse way than did the adults. Scientists aren't even sure of the proper dosage to administer to children.

Bioethicist Art Caplan of the University of Pennsylvania said he is opposed to testing. “We may get, sadly, to that point some day,” he said, “but I don’t think we’re there yet.” Dr. Joel Frader of Northwestern University agreed, “It would be difficult to justify testing it on kids simply on the hypothetical possibility that there might be an attack.” Dr. Meryl Nass was more outspoken. “With this, you’re putting children at risk for no clear scientific or medical benefit,” she said.

Obama, and his liberal gang of idiots, don't care. They plan to move forward anyway.

And like every other big government dictatorial move of tyranny by the federal government, they claim they are trying to protect the children.

By possibly killing them?

Ah, but here's the whole crux of it all. There seems to be financial ties between the Democratic Party and the creator of one anthrax vaccine.

The only currently approved vaccine, BioThrax, was developed by Emergent BioSolutions. However, the Obama administration’s Department of Health and Human Services steered at least $150 million in federal grants to the well-connected firm of PharmAthene, Inc. of Annapolis, Maryland, to develop a new anthrax vaccine called SparVax. PharmAthene donated $1,200 to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and $10,000 to other Democrats or the party itself from 2004-10. Its founder, Joel W. McCleary, is a former aide to Jimmy Carter and Democratic Party treasurer who donated $2,300 to Barack Obama in 2007. McCleary and his fellow executives in another of his ventures — Four Seasons Ventures, LLC — have proven most generous, donating at least $110,000 to Democratic Party candidates or organizations during the same time period. The government has prudently spent $1.1 billion stockpiling the vaccine.

HHS has since canceled a contract in which PharmAthene had to bid against Emergent Biosolutions (whose political donations span the political spectrum). The Associated Press reported this summer that PharmAthene “would be able to make 150 million doses of SparVax in a year, if necessary.”

What better reason for creating millions of doses, at federal expense, than the hope of future testing or widespread mandatory vaccination to “protect against terrorism”?

Crony capitalism at its worst. Solyndra again, and again, and again.

These mercantilists don't care about your health, or protecting your children. This is all about money, power, and control - and their addiction to money, power, and control even has them willing to put your children at risk.

In the end, what they want, is to tell you that you have to do what they say, even if it can kill you, and they are even willing to make your innocent children pay the price.

This is why the Founding Fathers limited the federal government's powers. This is why they were not given the constitutional authority to do anything beyond protecting, preserving, and promoting the union.

Past tyrants have nothing on these people. The vile and vicious policies of the liberal democrats surpass even the worst regimes in history. Their immoral madness seems to know no bounds.

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