Friday, December 30, 2011

Bill Maher Hates Tim Tebow for the same reason he hates Sarah Palin

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Bill Maher, when commenting about the recent Denver Broncos loss, said that "Jesus F***ed Tebow."

People like Bill Maher, who hates Christianity, conservatism, and anything else that doesn't march in goosestep with his rabid oppressive beliefs, foams at the mouth every time someone like Tim Tebow, or Sarah Palin, gains some credibility. It is the same every time. They freak out, they go on an all out attack, and they misrepresent what they don't understand.

And why?

Maher, and the other hard left, Godless, Marxist goons hates Tim Tebow for the same reason he hates Sarah Palin. . . they stand for something that is totally foreign to Bill, and they are genuine about it.

It is one thing for some fake to emerge, claim God is their guide, or something like that, and then turn out to be some hypocrite who's sleeping with the maid, or something crazy like that. But with Palin and Tebow the liberal left has searched high and low for the flaws, for the hypocrisy, for the weaknesses, so that they can expose them, and lay them out for all to see. Problem is, the leftists just can't find them. With Palin they do as they often do, and began to make crap up. They claimed she was a book burner, and that turned out to be a fabrication. They convinced people to believe Sarah said she could see Russia from her house, when it was actually Tina Fey that said it while impersonating Palin. But with Tebow, they haven't even found a way to lie about him, and it is pissing them off.

ESPN recently mic'd Tebow, and the guy was upbeat the whole time, praising God, acting positive even after an interception, and even getting along with the players of the other team. Chris Carter then said, after Ditka praised the ten minute piece, that the difference is that other players act differently when mic'd up, but Tebow? He's like that all the time.

Now Tim loves the Lord, and he has explained that he doesn't believe God is getting involved in football games. But he praises God, and thanks Him for his opportunities, just the same.

Maher doesn't get it. Christians don't think God is some genie in a bottle. We don't pray because we expect God to come running to serve us. It is the opposite. We pray to thank Him for giving us the opportunity to serve Him.

Personally, I am a Raiders fan. I don't want to like Tebow. The guy has horrible throwing mechanics, and he is the quarterback of the one team that could keep Oakland out of the playoffs. But you have to love a guy that, through his positive attitude, his inspirational personality, and sheer will, has brought the Broncos back from the brink, and has them one win away from the playoffs.

He brings the team together, to play as a family. They believe they can win because Tebow believes they can win. And that can be infectious.

But they believe it not just because Tebow believes it, but because he is genuine. He's the real deal. He is the genuine article. He loves the Lord, and he lives and plays with God at the forefront of his life. . . They love him for the same reason that Bill Maher hates him.

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