Saturday, December 10, 2011

Climate Change Fascism

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The political elite prey on our desire to do the right thing. They make up causes for us to follow, only to use those causes to regulate control over the populace. The most successful ruse for power has been through environmentalism, and the herd of sheep are following the piper over the cliff, without even a consideration that they may be being lied to.

It is reasonable to say that if there is gunk in the water or air, we should clean it up, and not gunk it up again. It is only right that we be good stewards of our planet. That is a truth. The liberal left, and the mindless followers of that statist ideology, deceive with a sprinkle of truth, and then contort the truth as far as they can. They take the truth to the extreme, and create a whole bureaucracy around it. Their goal, however, is not to protect the planet. Their aim is to control you.

The evidence supporting man-made global warming comes from manipulated models and lies. In fact, recently, there has been another round of e-mails that expose the hoax, the lying, that climate scientists have engaged in to convince people that there is man-made global warming when there isn't.

They have used the man-made global warming lie to stop the Keystone pipeline that would create jobs, and reduce even further our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. They use the man-made global warming lie to stop domestic drilling when we have enough oil to keep ourselves going for hundreds of years without ever needing a drop of foreign oil. They have used the man-made global warming lie to eliminate the 100-watt incandescent light bulb which will be illegal on the first of the year, so that we may be forced to use less effective, mercury filled compact fluorescents - whether we like it, or not.

All the while they never consider that such control over people is not only tyrannical, but unconstitutional. There is no authority that has been given to the federal government to regulate what kind of light bulb I use, what kind of car I drive, or for that matter how much energy I use.

And for those liberals that are preparing to rattle off a few court cases to support their fascist argument for big government control, note that the courts are not the Constitution. They are simply a bunch of activists aiming to subvert the Constitution, and they are doing so illegally.

The Leftists at the international level are taking the mindless belief in the global warming hoax a step further, preparing an Eco-Fascist World Government that will control ever person on the planet under the fearful hysteria of man-made global warming.

Statist bureaucrats at the UN Climate Summit in Durban have outlined plans for a new climate change treaty that would mandate “the rights of Mother Earth” by forcing countries to pay “climate debt” which would act as a slush fund for bankrolling an all-powerful global governmental body. ("Mother Earth" by the way is a New Age term taken from Pagan beliefs)

Despite the overwhelming evidence against man-made global warming, and despite the latest run of emails showing the purposeful deception being used by the Climate Change scientists, the move to create a totalitarian government through environmentalism lunges forward.

The Main Extreme Media is not reporting this, of course, because they share the leftist aspirations of tyranny. They have kept secret the madness, as has been reported by Lord Christopher Monckton.

“Here – and, as always, you heard it here first, for the mainstream media have conspired to keep secret the Madness of King Rajendra and his entire coterie of governmental and bureaucratic lunatics worldwide – is what the dribbling, twitching thrones and dominions, principalities and powers of the world will be asked to agree to,” he writes, adding that actual climate science has not been a topic of debate at the summit.

- The treaty calls for the west to achieve a 50% CO2 emissions reduction within the next eight years, a feat that would completely bankrupt the global economy and spark a new great depression, as well as a “more than 100%” reduction by 2050, which presumably could only be accomplished by killing billions of humans to prevent them from exhaling carbon dioxide.

“So, no motor cars, no coal-fired or gas-fired power stations, no aircraft, no trains. Back to the Stone Age, but without even the right to light a carbon-emitting fire in your caves,” writes Monckton.

- The text calls for a 2 degree Celsius drop in global temperatures, which as Monckton points out “would kill hundreds of millions” and herald a new ice age.

- The reduction in CO2 concentration the text calls for would actually begin to kill all plant life and trees on the planet because they need levels of carbon dioxide above 210 ppmv to survive.

- All military forces would be abolished because they contribute to climate change. Presumably the United Nations would then take on the role of world army to police the globe.

- The process will be enforced by an “International Climate Court of Justice” under a bureaucracy of world government that will force western nations to pay “climate debt,” as well as reparations to third world nations to pay for carbon cuts that wouldn’t be as drastic. The burden of “historical responsibility” has been applied to industrialized nations, implying they are guilty for whatever the weather decides to do and must be punished for it.

- All the money will be collected by the UN and whatever is left after they have taken their considerable cut will be doled out according to the wishes of UN bureaucrats. “As a senior UN diplomat told me last year, “The UN exists for only one purpose: to get more money. That, and that alone, is the reason why it takes such an interest in climate change,” writes Monckton.

- Environmental enforcement arms of the UN will be given the power of a global government in the name of fighting climate change. “The draft “agrees that common principles, modalities and procedures as well as the coordinating and oversight functions of the UNFCCC are needed” – in short, global centralization of political, economic and environmental power in the manicured hands of the Convention’s near-invisible but all-powerful secretariat. No provision is made for the democratic election of key members of the all-powerful secretariat – in effect, a world government – by the peoples of our planet,” writes Monckton.

- This world government will mandate that western nations submit reports every two years on their progress and then implement the measures demanded by the world government.

- The UN will create several new slush funds from which to enrich its coffers, including a tax on shipping and aviation fuel, a new “green climate fund” and a worldwide cap and trade. Most of the costs will be handed down to taxpayers.

This merely scratches the surface of what the UN is trying to include in its “legally-binding treaty,” which represents eco-fascism on steroids. Despite press reports that the text is once again likely to be rejected, Monckton points out that UN bureaucrats are confident they can get some form of deal rammed through on this occasion.

And for those of you out there that "dare" to deny the existence of the climate change hoax? You will be treated with the typical politics of personal destruction. Or as Senator Boxer puts it, labeled as "endangering humankind."

Anything to get you to shut up about the truth will be used.

How long before they begin handing out yellow stars for your clothing, as the Nazis did to the Jews, if you dare oppose them?

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