Monday, December 26, 2011

An Observation Of Obama's Foreign Policy

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Looking back at Obama's presidential campaign in 2008, it has come to mind how he blamed George W. Bush for making the world a more dangerous place. He continually said that America is nothing special, and as long as we act in a manner portraying that we think we are somehow exceptional, it causes the bad guys of the world to act up. Barry emphasized diplomacy. Diplomacy with Iran, without preconditions, and all of the other Muslim countries, diplomacy with Russia without worry of their past ways, and a more relaxed and humane handling of our border with Mexico.

Let us see how that worked out.

Iran has moved closer to achieving their nuclear aspirations, currently is holding operations in the Persian Gulf with their naval vessels, and has become more aggressive. Egypt is under military rule as the Muslim Brotherhood works to move Egypt into an Islamic Republic. Syria's leadership has been massacring their citizens, and the violence has spilled into Jordan. Libya now teeters on falling into the Muslim Brotherhood's hands, no different than Egypt. Iraq is destabilizing. Even with the promise of statehood, the Palestinians continue to lob missiles into Israel. Riots have erupted in Moscow as Putin tightens his hardline fist on the country, and Russia moves into a more aggressive position. North Korea has been testing missiles regularly, and now that Kim Jong Il is dead, his son is expected to do something stupid to prove his mettle. It's not like he's afraid of any retribution from the United States. As for that border with Mexico? Obama and Holder gave thousands of guns to Mexican drug gangs in the hopes of using it as an excuse to tighten gun control laws in America, and now the drug cartel's war has involved American guns, the death of American citizens (including a Border Patrol agent), and the violence is beginning to spill over to the American side of the border. In addition to that, Obama has encouraged illegal entry into the United States, which includes 1 out of 3 border crossers being of Middle Eastern descent.

Feel safer?

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