Monday, January 23, 2012

Israel: Palestinians Fire on West Bank Patrol

Israel has always been a nation surrounded by the enemy. Yet, the safest place to be in the Middle East is Israel. Security is incredible there. Nonetheless, war continues to loom all around her. . .


Palestinians fire on West Bank patrol: Israel army - AFP/Yahoo News

Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an Israeli army patrol near the West Bank city of Ramallah overnight, an Israeli military spokeswoman said on Sunday.

"During a routine patrol during the night, shots were fired by Palestinians at a military vehicle near Ramallah without causing injuries. The vehicle was lightly damaged," she told AFP. The shooters were not apprehended, the spokeswoman said.

Israeli troops routinely patrol throughout the West Bank, often carrying out arrests of Palestinians. Shooting against such patrols has become rare in recent years.

On Sunday morning, Israeli police said a Palestinian man wielding an axe attempted to attack security staff at the Qalandia checkpoint leading to Ramallah.


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