Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cortez's Birthday Party

I have four grandchildren. The second oldest, my daughter's son, just turned three.  Little Alexya, my son's daughter, reached one year last month, and my daughter's little girl, Nevaeh, will be one next month.  Ezekiel, my son's little boy, turned four last November.

Yesterday, we had a small celebration of Cortez's third birthday, which is why I wasn't on Founding Truth.

Below are the pics from that party:

My daughter, her husband, and two children. . . He's a Yankees fan, so I wore my Angels of Anaheim jersey just for him.

The Birthday boy, excited about all of the visitors, but I am not sure at this point he was getting what was really going on. He did enjoy all of the balloons at this moment, and of course when my wife and I walked in the door, he came running to his grandparents for hugs.

Little Nevaeh was not as excited about all of the visitors. She tends to be a little less enthused around a lot of people, but later on Grandpa Doug got her smiling with a game of Peek-A-Boo.

The cake was good, I hear. I don't like chocolate, so I didn't have a piece.  My daughter's husband was also celebrating a birthday, and his cake wasn't a cake at all. It was a huge chocolate chip cookie with candles.  They had Cortez blow out the candles on both sweets.

The food included fried chicken, chips and salsa, cheese potatoes, jambalaya, Puerto Rican rice and beans, Beans and Potatoes, fresh fruit (raspberries, pineapple, apple wedges, strawberries, bananas, orange wedges), and all kinds of sodas.

My sister's son, Jacob, playing "Pin the Bell on the School House."

Cortez after the Pinata busted, getting a piece of candy.   Jacob normally only likes chocolate, but in this case, he grabbed all he could get. Nevaeh looked on with curiosity as the kids screamed collecting their candy.  Sierra, on the left side of the picture, was pretty quick too.  When the Pinata broke open, Cortez began to cry, not understanding the game, and thinking that everyone was grabbing his candy since he had been playing with the Sponge Bob pinata and he figured everything inside was his too.

Sierra can be a real ham. She was fun, with a lot of energy.  Here, she poses gladly as Cortez pins the bell on the School House in the background.

Cortez playing Pin the Bell on the School House.  He pinned almost all the bells. He wanted to keep playing after everyone was done, and did until he ran out of bells.

Nevaeh looking on, trying to figure out everything going on. She spent most of her time playing with her mama, and watching her brother Cortez.

My daughter, in her loveliness, watching the party run its successful course. I complimented her on the great house, and I complimented her husband for taking care of my daughter, and taking on a very wonderful role with Cortez.  My dad became my dad just before I turned three.  He's been a wonderful dad to me, and I have never thought of him as my step-father.  My daughter's husband looks upon Cortez as does a father, treats him as a good dad would, and I can see in Cortez's eyes the love he has for "daddy."

As an added note, little Nevaeh has been in and out of the doctor's with some medical situations, and I would appreciate prayers.

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