Tuesday, February 28, 2012

White House blames Bush for Afghanistan turmoil. . . and other strategies by the liberals to buy votes

White House blames Bush for Afghanistan turmoil - Washington Examiner

How long does this big-eared dope have to be president before he is willing to begin taking blame for his devastating policies? Jeeeez. Or is this just another ploy for re-election?

How about these, too:

Jesse Jackson: It's An Honor to be the Food Stamp President - NewsBusters (They are literally celebrating damning more people to government dependency)

OBAMA TO CUT HEALTHCARE BENEFITS FOR ACTIVE DUTY AND RETIRED US MILITARY - The Washington Free Beacon (So they want to give free benefits to the free-loaders, but cut the benefits for the people that paid for it with their willingness to give their life for this country)

Obama Plays Race Card, Calls on Churches to Support Campaign - Prison Planet (We saw that coming - every time Obama gets nervous the race card comes out)

Louis Farrakhan warns of racial hatred that could lead to attempts to kill President Obama - Chicago Tribune (more race card)

Unions set to spend $400M to back Democrats - Washington Times (What's funny about this one is that the liberals rail against contributions by corporations. . . i.e. Citizens United. . . , whose owners made that money, and are contributing to candidates they think is best for their well-being, but unions who use dues of people that may or may not support the democrats have carte blanche)

Obama touts South Carolina Boeing Plant NLRB Sued - Washington Examiner (Didn't Obama speak angrily about Boeing going to South Carolina - a "Right to Work" State - but now he's claiming their success is because of him?)

Obama Thinks He Can Buy Enough Votes to Trump His Record and Continue His Mission to Weaken America - Rush Limbaugh (Liberals always buy votes. That is what government dependency is all about)

There is no limit have low these liberals will stoop for votes.

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