Friday, March 30, 2012

Anti-Semites Need To Get Re-Elected, Too

by JASmius

It's no secret that Barack Obama hates Israel, and Jews, with a passion. That he had Palestians running campaign fundraising phone banks in the West Bank in 2008; that he's incessantly meddled in Israeli internal affairs, such as demanding that they stop building housing even in East Jerusalem, territory which has never been allocated to the Pals in any even suggested "peace plan"; that he demands the Jews retreat to the indefensible 1967 borders, after which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu humiliatingly schooled him at a televised White House meeting; that he continues to defy Congress by subsidizing Muslim Brotherhood operations that now include ruling Egypt and funding Hamas.

So the subject matter of this eruption from former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton should cause narry a raised eyebrow:

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton blasted the Obama administration Wednesday afternoon for putting “just merciless” behind-the-scenes pressure on the Israeli government in order to persuade Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu not to launch an attack on Iran.

"Merciliess pressure" as in backstabbing Jerusalem (again) by leaking intelligence critical to making de-nuclearizing air strikes much shorter, easier, and likely to be successful:

Bolton added that reported intelligence leaks by the administration could hurt Israel’s chances of successful knocking out Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Bolton’s comments on Fox News followed revelations Wednesday that the Israeli government has made arrangements with the government of Azerbaijan to use its airbases, which it would presumably employ to help it attack Iran.

Landing jets in Azerbaijan would make an Israeli attack on Iran’s
nuclear infrastructure much more effective, military experts say. It would greatly reduce the flight time, and refueling requirements, for Israel’s F-16 and F-15 jets.

Foreign Policy broke the news of the alleged Israel-Azerbaijan connection. It attributed the report to a “senior administration official.” Another U.S. intelligence source said the administration is “not happy” about Israel’s efforts to strengthen its ties with
Azerbaijan in order to defend itself.

This, of course, makes trouble for the Azerbaijanis as well, who will doubtless get some tender, loving care from Hezbollah at the very least in the very near future. But to Red Barry, they're just collateral damage to something that HAD to be done.

To be fair, though, there is another factor in play here other than The One's raging, Uncle Jeremiah-inculcated anti-Semitism, of course. Consider: He obviously wants the Iranian mullagarchy to gain nuclear weapons capability (as a check on future Republican administrations' "warmongering," should he fail in his "wrenchingly transformative" mission, among other things) - but he'd prefer it not "go public," as it were, until AFTER he's safely re-elected. In reality he can't count on the mullahs honoring his timeline like he thinks the Russians will, but in his mind he thinks he can talk anybody into anything if he bows and grovels and concedes enough. However, if the Israelis act for the preservation of their country, it HAS to be sooner rather than later, and that WILL drag us into the fray, as Tehran WON'T distinguish between "Big Satan" and "Little Satan" (because we all look the same to them).

So the choice for His Infernal Majesty is between Iran maybe officially crossing the nuclear threshold before November, and Israel pre-empting them and definitely stirring up a regional conflict that we couldn't help but be drawn into.

It'd royally piss off his lunatic fringe base, but it would rally the country 'round the flag, even if it does have his ugly mug on it. Heck, it would give him cover on, yet vastly stimulate, the skyrocketing energy prices he's always wanted.

Bill Clinton probably would have wagged that dog. But not an orthodox, anti-Semitic, America-hating pacifist like False Messiah.

It's probably the only thing keeping him from ordering the bombing of Haifa and Tel Aviv himself.

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