Friday, March 30, 2012

Liberal Left Sees Israel as the Problem, Not Islam

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a character on a CBS sitcom titled "The Big Bang Theory."  He is always the smartest guy in the room, but he is also the most extreme example of obsessive and compulsive there is.  As the smartest guy, of which he takes great pride in, he is always trying to figure out the great riddles of science, and then reveal to everyone that it was his great mind that found the answer.  His biggest hurdle on the program, aside from tolerating the small minds of those around him and determining if Star Trek or Star Wars is the better franchise, has been trying to prove the particle physics concept that could explain the possible existence of multiple dimensions called "string theory."

On one episode a brilliant young man comes to the university to possibly stay, and Sheldon can't stand it.  The kid's achievements mirror Sheldon's, and even surpass the brilliant doctor's accomplishments in many cases.  The young man is also a physicist like Sheldon, and tell's Dr. Cooper that his pursuit of proving string theory is a pipe dream.  Everybody is taken by the young man, and now Sheldon is only second fiddle.

To keep himself busy with new projects, and to prove his relevance, Sheldon decides he must tackle one of the greatest problems in the history of humankind. . . The Middle East.

In the episode Sheldon decides that the way to solve the Middle East problem is to get Israel out of there, and so he devises a plan to build a new Jerusalem and a new Wailing Wall in the deserts of Mexico.  The replica will be exactly the same, he explains, so the only difference will be location.  When he proposes this idea to a couple Jews, however, they give him the roughest looks, because as the show reveals, Israel can't simply move.  The location of Israel is ancestral.

The show, however, misses the whole point of reality, as is the usual case with the liberal left.  Israel is not the problem in the Middle East, Islam is.  And if anyone thinks that simply moving the Jews out of the Middle East would solve the violence being perpetrated by Muslims, they are more ignorant than first imagined.  Islam's goal is to destroy all Jews, to kill them all, wherever they may be, and then destroy Christianity, and then destroy anything else that is not Muslim.  Location has nothing to do with it with them.  If, hypothetically, Israel was to move to Mexico, the Muslims would settle around that settlement, begin bombing the Jews, and then claim that it was their land and the Jews stole it. That is what Islam does. That is the reality.

Antisemitism takes many forms.  We only see it as the genocidal maniacal ravings of Nazism, the speeches of Israel's destruction by Ahmadinejad of Iran, or the blood thirsty rants of White Supremacists.  But, though not "yet" violent, the suggestions and actions towards Israel, by the liberal democrats, are indeed antisemitic as well.

Why else would Obama treat Israel the way he has, while sympathizing with the violent hoards of Islam?  Why else would the democrats support an Arab Spring that is in reality a move to uniting the Muslim nations under a single banner of radical Islam with the Muslim Brotherhood, and like groups, at the head?  Why else would the White House celebrate Muslim holidays like Ramadan, while making a fuss about the National Day of Prayer?

The ideology of Islam is the problem in the Middle East, and wants to be the thorn in our side worldwide, and the liberal democrats are enabling the madness.


Islam and Liberalism are actually dead opposite.  While liberalism pushes for homosexuality to be accepted as a norm in the mainstream, Islam is hanging gays by their necks from the highest trees.  While liberalism pushes for women's rights, and even superiority over men, through fanatical organizations like NOW, Islam oppresses women keeping them in a role lower than servants.  While liberals cry out for a secular society and what they consider to be the true separation of church and state, Islam's goal is to make their church and state one and the same, for the religious leaders to be the political leaders, and for all laws of all nations to be replaced by their religious law of Sharia.

In fact, Islam and Liberalism only have one thing in common, and that one commonality is their sole reason for supporting each other - they have a common enemy.

Both hate beyond explanation all things Christian, including any support of Israel, individualism, liberty, American conservatism, and so forth.

Oh, by the way, since Sheldon's madness over the young newcomer is driving everyone crazy, the other characters on the show determine the best way to return Sheldon to his original, less crazy, self, is to get rid of the young man that seems to be the cause of all the problems. However, rather than creating an identical home for him as Sheldon suggested for Israel, they introduce the young man to the opposite gender, which, as expected, destroys the boy, turning him into a mere mortal.

For some reason my wife did not find that part of the show funny.

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