Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama, Built on Lies, Half-Truths, and Radicalism

By Douglas V. Gibbs

One of the things I have learned in my life is that I am a lousy liar.  My face turns read, my eyes are unwilling to engage the person I am talking to, and my ears feel like they are on fire.  This is not to say I would prefer to lie, for I am a pretty honest person, but on the few occasions I did try to lie, it was disastrous.

Obama does not have that problem.

The polls, even after leftist manipulation, and having a primary sampling of democrats, have Obama struggling.  A New York Times Poll recently had Obama's approval at 41%.  It made it hard for the media to spin Obama's alleged popularity as the savior of America.

The worry by the democrats that Obama could be in serious trouble has manifested itself in the increase of unethical tactics and lies.  For example, since abortion seems to be a losing issue for the leftists, they made another grab for women voters by claiming that the republicans are against women, and that the GOP is even poised to take away their birth control.  Of course nobody believes that clap-trap, especially when you consider that The Right tends to favor the principles of limited government.  No republican has even suggested using government to take away contraceptives.  The whole premise is utter nonsense.

To hammer their point, the democrats are working to force schools to provide contraceptives for their students (which is like trying to make a store provide it for their customers), and if the republicans dare to say something against the idiocy, then Obama can point his finger and say, "See? They want to restrict your access to contraceptives."

Utter nonsense.

Then democrat Congress critters began pushing restrictions on Viagra, and vasectomies. If the republicans say anything against that, then the response is, "See, they hate women, but they will defend men."

Utter nonsense.

The attempt to gain the women-vote, however, is backfiring. People aren't stupid. They recognize the lies, half-truths, and radical techniques to fool people into voting for them.

Besides, the democrats have spent years on a no-holds-barred war on Sarah Palin alone, along with their attacks against Michele Bachmann, and any other conservative woman.  All liberals participate in that war, too.  No boundaries. No limits. They are willing to say, and lie about, anything regarding these conservative women.

So here we have the democrats trying to destroy folks like Sarah Palin with anything and everything they can muster, but somehow it is the republicans that hate women?

Do the democrats think that people are that stupid that they will buy this tripe?

Just like their lie about raising taxes. They think if they raise taxes that will increase revenue, without taking into consideration that people don't like paying taxes, and they will do anything they can to lessen the affect that raised taxes have on them.  The democrats don't account for that, and that's why they can't seem to grasp the reality of economics.

Same thing with their attack on Sarah Palin.  They think everyone is just cheering them on, and then will believe them when they say they love strong, independent women and that now somehow it is the republicans that is the enemy of the female gender.

Gasoline prices is yet another interesting lie. We have been told that Obama can't do anything about the rising gas prices, but when gas got to a couple bucks a gallon it was all Bush and Cheney's fault.  Which is it? Does the president have influence over gas prices, or not?

Then the democrats, Obama included, tell us you can't drill your way out of this problem.  Drilling for domestic oil won't solve the problem. Adding American oil to the worldwide supply will do nothing to lower prices. Then, they talk about releasing oil from the U.S. Strategic Reserves to help stabilize prices. Wait a minute. I though adding oil to the supply did nothing! Which is it, democrats?

We were told Obamacare was debt neutral. Remember that? Now, it turns out that Obamacare will cost twice as much as the worst numbers were saying.  We are talking nearly $2 trillion over ten years.

Obama's increase of the national debt has risen more in his three years than Bush's entire eight years, yet the average liberal will tell you they hated Bush partly because of all of his spending.

Obama keeps lying about the promises of green technology as he sabotages oil, and they claims he has been a part of making sure we drill for more oil.  Solyndra was hidden as it collapsed, and all of the green companies that the Obama administration has been pumping money into have been going bankrupt. The Volt is a bust, and production has been stopped because not enough people wants the care. The Fisker shut down during its Consumer Reports inspection.  The whole green technology thing is a bust, and he is lying about the wonders of alternative energy.  Wind and solar is a bust, and nobody wants electric cars.

The unemployment numbers have been phony, all unemployed folks are not being counted, and they are manipulating the numbers by lowering the universe of jobs.

It has turned out that under Obamacare, according to the CBO, that up to 20 million Americans could lose their insurance coverage under Obamacare. . . but this nut told us that if you liked your doctor, you would be able to keep him.

Obama even likes to lie about history to try and get you to support him. . . 

Recently, he slandered President Rutherford B. Hayes saying that when confronted with the invention of the telephone, Hayes wondered who would ever want to use one.

“That’s why he’s not on Mount Rushmore,” Obama intoned. “He’s explaining why we can’t do something instead of why we can do something.”

Hayes never said anything of the kind about the telephone, or any other invention.

In fact, what Hayes really said when he first used the phone was, “That is wonderful.”

Hayes installed the first telephone in the White House, along with the first typewriter, and invited Thomas Edison in for a visit to show off the phonograph.

This is not first time Obama and his communications team have fallen for a quote they apparently ripped from the Internet.

In the waning days of his 2008 campaign, then-Sen. Obama criticized Republicans with this statement: “Abraham Lincoln once said to one of his opponents, ‘If you stop telling lies about me, I’ll start telling truth about you.’ ”

However, Lincoln never said that.  Adlai Stevenson, another Illinois Democrat, was fond of this line. So was William Randolph Hearst, who used it when he ran for governor of New York in 1906, although Sen. Chauncey Depew, another New Yorker, employed it back in the 19th Century.

Michelle Obama has even gotten into the lying game.  

We even have a video showing 65 other lies by Obama:

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