Monday, March 19, 2012

Vaca Acostada & The Puerto Rico Primary

by JASmius

Vaca Acostada meaning "brokered convention," of course [ed. note: no, not really - see below...]....on course to which an....inconvenient event happened in America's Caribbean commonwealth:

Mitt Romney won Puerto Rico's Republican primary today over Rick Santorum, CNN projected.

With 14% of results reported, Romney had 83% to 8% for Santorum, a former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania, and 3% for former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, CNN

The primary was the latest skirmish between Romney, the frontrunner, and Santorum, who has offered himself as a conservative alternative to the former Massachusetts governor. Santorum won primaries in Alabama and Mississippi last week. Romney claimed victory in Hawaii and has amassed
the most delegates.

That's become a recurring theme of the GOP primaries of late, hasn't it? Santorum ekes out a victory in a state or two in a region very favorable to him and splits the delegates with Romney (every district in which he managed to get himself on the ballot, anyway), while elsewhere in regions not favorable to Santorum Romney cleans his clock and walks away with the entire haul. And his delegate lead continues to grow.

Yet it's somehow Romney who is in "trouble".

BTW, think RS would like to have this gaffe back? English as the official language in every other state I can understand, because English is already the dominant language in every other state. But demanding that Puerto Ricans stop speaking Spanish "officially"? Isn't that a lot like the flip side of bilingualism and multi-culturalism? True, Santorum wasn't going to come close in PR anyway, but still....dude.

I think he must have taken the Sleeping Cow Challenge and gotten beef-drunk, because he's still plying fantasist nonsense:

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Monday that the chances of a brokered convention are "increasing." That's because it appears more and more unlikely that front-runner Mitt Romney will be able to garner the 1,144 delegates needed to seal the nomination before the convention in August, the former Pennsylvania senator told This Morning on CBS, The Hill reports.

"If the other people stay in the race, it's going to be hard for anyone
to get to that magic number," Santorum said. "We believe if we get to the convention, the convention will nominate a conservative. The
convention will not nominate an establishment moderate from

Funny, that's the same line of BS the Obamedia are strenuously peddling. Isn't it amazing how alike they and Santorum are? Makes Cap'n Sweatervest look almost as moderate as....John McCain.

Over to Double-H for the requisite debunking:

The MSM is trying --again-- to generate some drama where there is none. Dreams of book deals and HBO series based on a down-to-the-wire GOP primary must be in peril somewhere.

First, the "race" isn't much of a race because the delegate math overwhelmingly favors Mitt Romney, and promises by candidates and consultants to show a different way are beginning to sound like fabled treasure maps which cannot be shown to just anyone. Nixon had his "secret plan" to end the war, Obama his plan to keep unemployment under 8%, Pelosi her plan for healthcare the details of which we could find out after we passed the bill and could read it, and now MSM handicappers have a vision of how we get to Tampa Bay and a brokered convention. Unicorns everywhere.

Thus big wins and delegate sweeps by Romney like yesterday's blowout in Puerto Rico and those from Hawaii and the far islands a few days back don't show up on front pages. See the
home page of the New York Times, for example, where the link to the story from Puerto Rico is buried down the page and under the story on the alleged test Romney is facing in Illinois. "Illinois is not shaping up to be the effortless romp some had presumed," the paper reports. Would someone get the quote from Team Romney predicting an "effortless romp?"

Finally, even if there is fact-based evidence of Romney's lead and likely nomination, the "news" source trumpets his vulnerability.

Why? Because they know Romney's going to be the nominee and they're getting a leg up on softening him up for their big-earred boyfriend. And Rick Santorum is perfectly happy to help them do it.

True conservative, my ass.

I would just add that nobody in the "not-Romney" camp (I reside in the "not-Obama" camp, myself, a community that used to be a lot bigger) seems to have thought through this brokered convention idea. Let's see; they would deny the candidate who wins the most delegates the nomination in favor of either a candidate who won fewer delegates (i.e. lost) or a candidate who never ran at all, hasn't been vetted, hasn't collected a single vote from the GOP electorate, wouldn't have any (non-superPAC) money or national organization, and would be, by definition, selected by the party "establishment" behind closed doors in the proverbial smoke-filled room. Is this really what you folks are defending? And leaving aside any other objection, what makes you think that such a scenario is going to produce a "true conservative" nominee, even if there were such a sainted being?

You want the truth? Handle this: Santorum is running for the 2016 or 2020 GOP nomination by cementing his silver medal this time so that in the next open race it'll be his "turn".

Bet you didn't think a "true conservative" could be so blatantly cynical, didja.

Another way in which RS is a lot like his big-earred brother from another mother.

UPDATE: As a political analyst, Larry Sabato is kind of like Dos Equis beer: I don't always agree with him, but when I do, he's usually right. And he's spot on about the PR disaster that a Wrestlemania-esque brokered convention would be.

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