Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baseball Scramble Results in Child Crying In The Stands

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Honestly, I hate stories like this. It shows how fouled up our society has gotten. However, as you read, be reminded that I may not take the angle on this you may expect. . .

The story is that at a Texas Rangers Major League Baseball game a ball was tossed into the stands by Rangers First Baseman Mitch Moreland, and a couple grabbed the ball triumphantly as a little boy next to them, who wanted the ball too, burst into tears over missing out on the ball.  The couple, feeling bad, claims they were not aware of their surroundings, and if they had seen the crying child, they would have given him the ball.  The couple, soon to be married, already has seven children between them, and claim they are sensitive to the feelings of children. They love children, and would never hurt the feelings of a child intentionally.

Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay criticized them throughout the late innings of the Rangers' 7-3 win, describing them as "oblivious." The Internet reaction to the video that went viral Online was that the couple were villains.

How sad. How sad that this kind of crap is going on in our society. Tough, kid, you missed out. Life isn't fair. Quit whining and crying, and work to get a baseball next time. I am tired of our society bending over backwards worried about the precious self-esteem of the children of this nation. As a result of garbage like this, we are creating a society of weak whiners that have no idea how to deal with the harsh realities of life when they become adults.

This situation was a great opportunity for the parents of the child to explain how life works. Sometimes you get the baseball, and sometimes somebody quicker and bigger get it.

The boy did not earn the baseball, for he did not pull off getting it when it was tossed into the stands. Giving it to him because you feel bad he began to drop tears would have reinforced that whiny behavior. Do we really want a society of people that start crying every time they don't get what they want?

Don't give him the ball. Let him learn from this, and become more determined to get a baseball next time by improving his reflexes to give himself a fighting shot, or whatever else he decides to do to give himself a chance. We become successes because of our failures. We learn how to succeed by learning what not to do when we fail. That is life. It may seem harsh, but that is the reality.

If it would have been me in the stands, I would have kept the ball too, and I would not have felt guilty about the crying child next to me. I would have been satisfied that he is learning a valuable lesson in life. . . despite what the democrats want to convince you, there is no fair share, and life isn't fair. Grab the ball, or don't, that is up to you. If at first you don't get the baseball, try, try again. Don't start crying and expect it to be given to you.

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