Friday, May 25, 2012

Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee Ancestry

Elizabeth Warren Stonewalls Reporter on Why She Claimed Minority Status

Appearing in Brookline, Massachusetts for a Senate campaign event, Elizabeth Warren stonewalled questions about her supposed Cherokee ancestry. She has maintained that she does have Cherokee ancestry despite all evidence to the contrary.

This was her first public appearance in a week. She was accosted by a reporter, and consistently attempted to redirect the questioner to another topic.


Added Note: Many Americans can claim to have some Indian ancestry in their family history. Such is inevitable. My great grandparents were Blackfoot Indian, and I have a helluva lot more Indian blood in my veins than Elizabeth Warren could ever dream of.

This minority thing has always bothered me. Warren claimed minority status, using her 1/32nd Indian ancestry, in college to get a few freebies. But aren't we all Americans? Why do we have to be separated into groups? Why do the democrats want us in groups, and then set us against each other?

The questions were rhetorical.

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