Sunday, May 27, 2012

LoLo Jones: My New Olympic Hero

By Douglas V. Gibbs

It strikes me as strange that a story about a woman who is approaching thirty, and is still a virgin, has become a popular news story viewed with awe, and confusion. Shouldn't we be excited that in this society of rampant sexual insanity from the media to various lifestyles that there is a shining light of purity? How awesome is it that LoLo Jones has decided to be true to her faith, and hold on to her sexual purity until she's married?

In the article at The Times LoLo actually admits that there have been men that, because she won't put out until the commitment of marriage is in place, have walked away from any relationship with her. If I was still single, I would be honored to spend time with such a woman. Decency is only one of many words I can think of. Awe inspiring is her courage. I am delighted to know that among the sexual perversion that seems to run rampant through our society, there are still a few out there that believe purity until marriage is an important thing.

The degree of difficulty she has experienced in her journey is fascinating. Imagine that. It has been difficult because of the pressures put on her by society, to remain pure. But if LoLo is capable of winning that fight, just imagine how great her Olympic prowess will be.

LoLo Jones is my new Olympic Hero. Her resolve to remain faithful and obedient to the important virtue of purity is commendable, and appreciated. What a wonderful role model for young women.

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LoLo Jones: Olympian says she'll be a virgin 'til she's married - Los Angeles Times

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