Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Not-So-Tolerant Liberal Left

This kind of crap from the liberal left is pretty normal stuff, but it's important to highlight the double standard hypocrisy intolerant insanity of the liberal democrats every once in a while. . .

Actress Ellen Barkin Hopes Hurricane Kills Pro-Life Republicans - Life News

Elizabeth Warren aid roughs up, threatens [republican tracker] cameraman - Examiner

Geico Actor: I was fired because I'm a Conservative - Fox News Insider

Despicable Samuel L. Jackson: Unfair Shit - GOP Spared by Isaac, not understanding God's Plan - Twitchy

Jennifer Granholm: God Shut Down Republican Convention - Breitbart

2012 Republican Convention: Protesters Dressed as Vaginas Greet Delegates - The Hollywood Reporter

Chris Matthews Loses Mind, Attacks GOP Chair on Morning Joe - Liberty News Network

Chris Matthews Loses It, Calls Reince Priebus "Garbage" - Townhall

Newsroom Finale Dubs Tea Party "American Taliban" - Breitbart

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