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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Escalation, As Planned - Towards a Biblical Countdown

By Douglas V. Gibbs

We are seeing the violence escalate in Israel, and it is no surprise. Where America stands on the issue could be the deciding vote on if America survives, or is destroyed.

"I (God) will bless those who bless you (Israel) and will curse those who curse you"  (Genesis 12:3)

Biblical text warns against standing against Israel, and it also warns that the final violence of war in the world, and in fact the destiny of the world, is inseparable from Israel, and the city of Jerusalem. As prophecy foretold, the Jewish people returned the land given to them by God, traveling to the Promised Land from among many nations around the world.

The nationhood of Israel in 1948 engaged the countdown. The Bible warns Jerusalem will be a trouble spot, a target, a place that will be the cause of great strife the world over.  All nations of the world will turn against Israel, and the Jews will face a fiery trial unlike anything in the history of the world, to separate the unfaithful unbelievers from the faithful believers.  Two-thirds of the people of Israel will be 'cut off and die' for their unbelief, and when the armies of the world gather in and around the nation Israel, when all seems lost for the children of Israel, the Bible says a believing remnant will recognize their Messiah from Scripture, and will call upon His Name.

Israel will be spared, and the world will see that it was God that came to their aid.

Iran is just short of becoming a nuclear power, and nearly every nation on earth is worried. Israel worries most of all. Nuclear weapons will afford Iran the means to deliver on its threat to “wipe Israel off the map,” as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad so cheerfully puts it. Children throughout the Middle East already study maps with a hole in them where Israel used to be. Some are tempted to dismiss Mr. Ahmadinejad as a blowhard and a clown, but he’s a credible and loud voice to the millions of angry Muslims surrounding the only democracy in the Middle East.

Israel is the “Little Satan,” secure from the rage of its enemies so long as the “Big Satan” guarantees it, and the guarantee is safe so long as Jews remain strong in Israel’s behalf. But there’s an angry buzz in the media and in certain academic covens that Jewish support for Israel is declining - and may be on the way to collapse. . .


Ceasefire Talks in Egypt, As Israel Considers Ground Offensive

Smoke rises over the Gaza Strip after Israeli airstrike, as Israel and Gaza's militant Hamas rulers remain far apart on any terms for a truce deal — but an unnamed Israeli envoy held talks with Egyptian officials to try to bring the violence to a halt.

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