Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Election Fraud? Allen West Calls for Recount

Florida Rep. Allen West said Tuesday he filed a circuit court complaint challenging the official result of his House race, which ended with him losing re-election by 2,442 votes.

The lawsuit asks the St. Lucie County court for a preliminary injunction that would order election officials to recount early votes in the state’s 18th Congressional District and refrain from certifying the results until the process in complete. The court could not be reached late Tuesday afternoon to verify the filing.

The West campaign points to a wild swing of votes in favor of Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy on election night as the reason for their concern.

West told Fox News Tuesday night that he would be only satisfied with the results of the election when the recount was complete, saying it was unfair to the voters to not investigate.

"If someone has a problem with me then it should be taken out against me," he said. "But you should not do it at the expense of the voters. And that is the most important thing. Look if we do not have integrity in our election process then we don't have the exceptionalism as a constitutional republic, we don't have a rule of law. "

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