Monday, November 12, 2012

Richard Gonsalves, Rest in Peace - Wish You Were Here

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Richard Gonsalves died early Sunday morning, on his way home from his Saturday Evening festivities.  He was a dear friend, and one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met.  Rich was willing to lend a hand to anyone. He had no enemies.

Richard's passing came on November 11, 2012 at 1 a.m. - he was 53 years old.  He died in an automobile accident, and the reports indicate he died instantly.

The newspaper article states that Rich was not wearing his seat belt, which I found strange.  Richard is such an adamant seat belt wearer in the big rig that a number of his shirts have holes in the left shoulder from the wear and tear of the seat belt. For him to be so religious about wearing a seat belt in the truck, yet not in his car, rings very strange with me.

Rich and I met four years ago, and we instantly became friends.  Our escapades include having a few beers and Double-Doubles from In-N-Out Burger while kicking back on the hood of my car with another friend as we watched planes at the small local airport land and take off; baseball games over beers and tacos at Chronic Tacos in Corona; hanging out at his place talking about guns, fast cars, and his latest adventures; dinner with various friends for the heck of it - more often than not at the all-you-can-eat types of places.  We talked about things that I don't think we talked about with too many other people.  We joked as much as we got into deep conversations.  We talked nearly everyday at work on the phone, and often on the weekends.  Last weekend he didn't call me, and my radio and public speaking engagements kept me from giving him a ring, too.

I did not know about Rich's death until this morning. I was advised by dispatch, at work.

All day I seemed to handle his death quite well, until I got home. I told my wife I needed a hug, and then the emotions poured out.  He was a dear friend, and I will miss him, and that moment of tears said it all.

As a Christian, my first thought was that I hoped he was right with God. We didn't talk religion that much, but I know that he believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He was not one, however, to do the church thing, nor worry too much about his works.  I pray that he is in paradise.

Rich was not the type to dwell on things, and he would not want us to be sad for him.  I will miss him, and it is jarring when you talk to someone, and then a day and a half later, they are gone.  But rather than spend any more time in sadness over his death, I wish to celebrate his life - with some music that Rich and I had in common. . .

Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Mercy Me, ELO, Led Zeppelin

Wish you were here - Pink Floyd

My Sweet Lord - George Harrison

I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me

Livin' Thing - ELO

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Good bye, my friend.

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Brittany Haskins said...

any word on a funeral? I miss him too :(

Brittany Haskins said...

Any word on a funeral or where he's buried?

Brittany Haskins said...

Any word on a funeral or where he is buried?

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

We will probably be able to cremate him next week. The service will probably be a small get together to spread his ashes. Details have not yet been determined.