Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rise Like Lions

by JASmius

Doug, I've heard that tiresome cliche from tighty-righties my (and your) entire life.  It was nonsense then, and it's nonsense now.  If the GOP didn't "go the way of the Whigs" after FDR's dozen-year New Deal reign of terror, it's not gonna happen now.

I will add this: If conservatives followed that advice, they'd be quitting on everything in which they claim to believe.  I can think of no more effective and comprehensive means of committing political AND ideological suicide than to walk away from the Republican Party.  Why?  It begs the question: Where would they - we - go?  And please don't go through the Libertarians, the Constitution Party, or any of the rest of the third party pipedream litany that tighty-righties invariable invoke.  Leaving the GOP would constitute running up the white flag.  It would be unconditional surrender to the Left, no matter how high the dudgeon worked up to lend the pyrrhic futility of it a shiny veneer of righteousness.

But all of the above, as well as the post to which it responds, misses the big picture point: the G.O.P. and the conservative movement are both already dead, along with the country and the Constitution that used to define it.  Why?  Because America is no longer a republic in any substantive sense.  Like Christ said of the Pharisees, it is a white sepulcher of representative democracy but filled within with radicalism, extremism, totalitarianism, tyranny, and corruption.  It's a flimsy facade that 51% of the electorate has no interest in seeing past.  And after four more years of Obamunist rule by the fist, even the facade will go away, and still fewer Americans will care.

And, with the existing electoral system rigged, with the Constitution reviewed, redefined, and "penumbra-d" into irrelevancy, and with a majority O SCOTUS sitting atop Olympus to rubber-stamp it, there is now no peaceful means of affecting the change that got robbed from us three weeks ago.

The country, in short, is doomed, short of a literal second American revolution.  If that's the post-Republican destination of the aforementioned conservatives, then they're not the fools they otherwise come across as.  But I'm not holding my breath.

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