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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stolen - How the Democrats Fraudulently Won the 2012 Election

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By Douglas V. Gibbs

I did not want to believe America has jumped the shark.  The American voters could not possibly be that stupid.  If the Election on November 6 that re-elected Barack Obama to the presidency is truly legitimate, the Constitution was rejected.  The principles of limited government, according to the voters, is a thing of the past. Capitalism is dead, and the Republican Party is in turmoil.

If the election is on the up and up, liberty died.

The welfare state won. People voted for the redistribution of wealth. Sleazy campaign tactics, and a non-stop script of lies, won.

If the election is true, America as it was founded, is done.

I am an optimist, and I don't believe the takers outnumber the makers.  The political hacks say the GOP needs to redefine itself, evolve with a changing society, but to do that would be to throw our principles out the window. If the Republican Party believes the propaganda, and becomes more moderate in the hope to survive, the Party of Lincoln and Reagan will go the way of the Whigs.

The 2012 Election was one the GOP could not lose, yet the Republican Party lost.

Obama claims he is ready to compromise, that he is willing to work with republicans.  But when the rubber hits the road, what they really mean is that the GOP better do what the liberal left says, or the republicans will be labeled as obstructionists, extremists, and partisans.

It's just like with the election. The liberal left wants you to believe that if the Republican Party doesn't become more like the democrats, then the GOP will never win another election.  They want you to believe opposition to abortion, gay marriage, and amnesty is what caused Romney to lose. If you want to ever win again, the liberal left is telling you, abandon your values and principles, and be more like them.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong.  Besides, all of that tripe is not why, or how, Obama won the election.  If the GOP moderates, it dies.  What good is an opposition party if it strives to be more like its rival?

The result of the election is in the numbers, but it is about more than voter turnout.  It is all about the truth, and the lies.

When Ronald Reagan won in 1984, over 54 million votes went into the GOP column.  When Bush won in 2000, Dubya pulled in over 62 million votes.  When McCain lost in 2008 he received nearly 60 million votes.  McCain was very unpopular among conservatives, and when he lost, despite pulling in more votes than expected thanks to the excitement generated by his decision to bring Sarah Palin in as his running mate, many republicans stayed home, and the cult of personality that Barack Obama provided encouraged a lot of new voters to vote democrat.

McCain was too moderate, so republicans stayed home, but Romney in 2012 had stirred up excitement in the base, and with Paul Ryan as his V.P. choice, the base was excited about the most conservative ticket since Reagan.  Obama's failed record of the last four years, the excitement of the base, and the incredible performance of Romney in the debates and at campaign rallies, had the GOP convinced that Romney would not only win, but he would win by a landslide.

Three million less republican votes than what went for McCain voted for Romney - and as a result, we were led to believe that republican voters stayed home.

Obama received ten million less votes than in 2008, and as the numbers came in, the numbers did not add up, and peculiar anomalies began to surface.

Granted, the only reason democrats even gain votes is because they buy votes with promises of gifts from the treasury, and because the public believes the propaganda.  A lot of these people didn't vote for Obama, but against Romney, because they believed the crap about republicans wanting to take away their birth control, and so forth.

But it goes even further than that. . .

When looking at who voted, we realize that the number of Independents shifting to Romney was about 5 million Independents.  Combined with the republican number, this actually puts Romney 2.5 million votes ahead of where McCain was in 2008. This means that 5.5 million Republican voters are not accounted for.

According to Dave in Florida's blog, heavy GOP counties were swamped all day. He watched all day as, counties like Pasco County was showing huge increases in GOP voters over the 2008 numbers.

In Virginia, with 69% of the precincts in, Romney held a 6% lead. Yet once a small number of counties reported, that lead disappeared.

If the vote drop off occurred, it occurred in a very small number of counties. It was not visible nationwide.

Dave contends that you can not get a 10% drop off in GOP turnout without it being noticeable during the GOTV effort, measures of enthusiasm in polling, or visibly lower turnout in GOP leaning precincts.

For anyone who doesn't want to think that the Obama campaign would engage in such blatant election fraud, contemplate this. These are the same people who ran Fast and Furious without regard for the cost in human lives, turned off their credit card verification system to allow fraudulent donations, and allowed four Americans in Libya to die because it was politically inconvenient. Do you really think that massive election fraud is something they wouldn't do?

If this is true, then we have some hard things to consider.

In Marion County in the battleground state of Ohio, where Joan Stevens tried to vote for Mitt Romney on an electronic touch screen, Barack Obama’s name kept lighting up. It took her three tries for her choice to be accurately recorded.

The 2012 Obama campaign’s decision to accept small-scale donations made under false names allowed for a stream of donations from illegal donors, such as people who are neither citizens nor residents of the United States.  Without voter ID laws in place, non-citizens were also open to vote for Obama without any opposition.

Barack Obama received over 99% of the vote in districts where GOP inspectors were illegally removed, and he won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland.

Mr. Obama won Wood County in Ohio this year, winning the majority of Wood County’s 108% of registered voters. In 2012, 106,258 people in Wood County are registered to vote out of an eligible 98,213.

Smelling fishy, yet?

In an effort to suppress the military vote, which tends to vote republican, we heard almost weekly about some shipment of absentee ballots getting lost on the way to our troops in Afghanistan. Or ballots being mailed out too late to be of any use in the election.

There was also the odd story of a plane that crashed and “burst into flames” carrying absentee ballots into Afghanistan. Oddly, as soon as the story appeared, it disappeared. Did anyone die in the crash? What kind of plane was it? It seemed like a cover story in order to destroy the ballots.

Team Obama sued Ohio to prevent the military from voting early, a long-standing policy that worked around military training and deployments, because Team Obama said it wasn’t “fair.”

And all of this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Obama phones urging the voters to vote democrat on the taxpayer's dollar, monitoring of the Internet to send emails that told users to get off the Internet and go vote, and ACORN style tactics as were exposed in the 2008 election, were all in play.

Was the election stolen?

The evidence is beginning to support such an accusation.

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