Sunday, December 30, 2012

Courts Delay France's Collapse by Rejecting 75% Millionaire Tax

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The people of France had a liberal president that was considered to be quite conservative on European standards, and they replaced him with an out-and-out socialist.  It was no surprise when the Socialist President decided to push, and get, a 75% income tax on millionaires.

The parasites of society were dancing with joy.  Socialism, after all, characterizes the rich as the enemy, and taxing them through a scheme of the redistribution of wealth.  The government claims that it is through this progressive style of taxation that the government pays for the entitlements and socialist programs showered on the common folk.

Then the rich began packing their bags and began to flee France.  The way it was looking, the massive tax was going to wind up costing France in revenue, since the producers were running for the hills.

The French high court rejected the tax, saying it is unfairly applied, setting back President Hollande's socialist plans.

I wonder if the American democrats are watching this, and what they think.

Obama could care less, to be honest.  Nations could collapse over and over again under policies similar to his, but he still thinks his will work. He hates individuality, success in the private sector, and self-reliance.  He is a socialist beyond those in Europe.  He believes not only that it takes a ruling elite to run a country, but that in his arrogance, he is the ruler destined to take America to a new level of utopianism.

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