Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gun Denial

By Paul Young

I have not jumped on the firearm issue that has been building since the Newtown Conn event until now because I like to wait till the dust settles some before deciding which bandwagon to jump onto. I will admit that I had a good idea in advance on which side I was going to aim at. In this case I am not jumping on the side that wants to remove guns from the hands of law abiding citizens in an attempt to 'protect the children'. I say that we need to put the training and the guns in the hands of those willing to conceal carry them. - Notice I put the words 'training' and 'willing' in bold. This is because when it is suggested by liberals that it is foolish and dangerous to have school principals and teachers (amongst other professions) conceal-carry they act as though these people are incapable of being trained. Well "Hells bells!" I say. If a person can receive instructions on how to open a book and teach others what is in that book then they should be able to learn about firearms and the proper ways to use them. So could a lawyer or a candlestick maker for that matter. - A gun is a tool. - People can learn to use tools. -

Often times I hear about schools being a 'gun-free zone'. Anyone that thinks that just bandying about that line is a good thing is nuts. There are evil people in this world and being in denial about that is nuts too. It is evil to enter a school with intentions of murdering people. Whatever other motives, all of these nuts have one thing in common. They are evil! ... Telling them in advance that everyone that is in any school (or whatever location) is unarmed is an invitation for them to murder more people and thereby get their name in a larger font in the papers.

I had a friend once tell me that when people said to him, "Does your dog bite?" his reply was, "He has teeth!" - To say that a certain location is a gun free zone is to say that the dog does not have teeth and that the animal is of no use for protection. Hence no threat to any assailant. Same guy said that he would never tell people or boast about whether he owned a gun or not. He would let 'em wonder. (I still don't know...) That way he removed any idea that some people might get of stealing said gun because they would not know if try to steal it would be a waste of time. They would seek a sure thing as opposed to a 'maybe'.

The amount of misinformation that is being spewed by the liberals is staggering. That is another reason I stand on the side of arming law abiding citizens that seek to be armed. - I saw one 'supposed news article' that listed the 2009 Fort Hood shooting as an example of why we need more gun control. The Fort Hood shooting took place at a 'gun free zone' section of the base. - - The people surrounding Husan were in denial of the danger he posed due to political correctness. They did not want to accuse an American born Muslim of being a potential terrorist threat. Indeed, the Obama administration still is in denial and refuses to call the murder of 13 people and injury to 29 more an act of premeditated terrorism but instead call it an act of 'workplace violence'. - Why they haven't yet convicted Hasan of treason and given him the death penalty can only be attributed to more denial of the truth. It was an act of premeditated murder by a single American born terrorist. - Had that section of the base NOT been a gun free zone Hasan would most likely have been stopped sooner by others that were armed or perhaps he would have found another place, an off base gun free zone most likely, to wreak havock. - Whatever, the fact still remains that the signs for potential danger were there and Hasan, a major in our military, was not stopped in advance most likely due to fear and denial. Fear of being called a racist. Denial that he was a threat.

The second amendment was NOT put into the Constitution for people to go hunting with muzzle loaded guns. It was put in place because the founding fathers saw the need for people, citizens, to protect themselves from an overreaching government. - The text, as ratified by the states, simply reads: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." - Nothing about hunting is mentioned. No matter what side you stand on concerning our government, that statement, that amendment, protects you and I from a tyrannical government. Some feel we have that government now and that guns are what stops the current government from becoming a dictatorship. - You like our government now? Fine! Four years down the line a government may be put in place that you totally disagree with and stand against. Guns in the hands of citizens will slow them down quite a bit and that without a shot being fired.

There are really only two sides to our form of government and this nation is really evenly divided on both sides. Half wants more government and the other half wants less. Both sides have their points on the gun issues that they push. The side that calls for less government points out that after Hitler came to power he confiscated guns from the people. Then what happened? - The side that calls for more government control points out that there are nutty people out there that have guns. Newtown, Conn is the latest example of (evil) nuts with guns.

Do we rid ourselves of all guns and place ourselves at the mercy of a potential tyrannical government. Evil takes many forms and a desire for political power is one of them. Yes there are evil people with guns out there but there are many more good, honest and law abiding citizens with guns than evil people and to take the guns from the law abiding would reduce all of us to potential slavery to whoever comes down the line and holds the power of our police and military forces. Not to mention that the bad guys won't turn in their guns.

We, on both sides of the gun issues, need to get out of denial that a potential terrorist attack is currently in the planning and educate ALL the people in this country of the signs to watch for and how to react to those signs. We need to be taught of what nutty behaviour to look for and what we can do to stop attacks such as Newtown before they happen. I'm not suggesting that we, as a nation, form groups of brownshirts to run around searching for those who are nutty and likely to be a threat. But I think we can be taught of what signs in ourselves, family members and others to be aware of and actions we can take to alleviate some of the potential troubles in the future. Getting out of denial is the first step. Taking guns from law abiding citizens is not.

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