Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hopeless in Washington, and the Constitution Solution

By Douglas V. Gibbs

A few nights ago I spent some time talking with someone who is thoroughly convinced that we have sailed beyond the point of no return.  America is on a path to decline, under the destructive watch of Barack Obama, as far as that person was concerned.  The credit for the destruction of Americanism is not only the fault of today's Democrat, he explained, for the damage goes back farther than that.  It all comes down to the mathematics.  The numbers don't add up.

Though I agree with him on most of what he had to say, I don't believe we are beyond the point of no return.  I told him that unlike him, I am not a fatalist.  We have tools available to us to fight against what is going on.  The federal government's power grab can be stopped, but to accomplish this we must get back to the Constitution.

People keep telling me how we can't get the federal government to do this, or do that.  We lost this election, and that congressional seat.  The problem is, the solution is not in the federal government, so why are we so invested in making the changes there?  Granted, the federal government needs our attention. We do need to do what we can to keep the dark powers of communism at bay at the federal level, but if we are to tackle this constitutionally, then we must tackle it with the greatest weapon we have in our arsenal - State Sovereignty.

The States created the federal government, and penned it down in the United States Constitution. The document is an agreement, ratified by the States of that time, to legally transfer some of the powers of the States to the federal government so that the newly created central system could handle affairs that the States individually could not, in the interest of protecting the union of States, and ultimately, State Sovereignty.  Because the States granted to the federal government its powers, the Constitution also reserves to the States a great number of powers - powers that include stopping the federal government from acting outside the agreement that created it.

Since the States are the creators of the Constitution, they are also the final arbiters of the Constitution.  What that means is that whenever laws are made by the federal government that are not pursuant of the Constitution, the States have the right to refuse to implement those laws.  If laws are made by the federal government outside their constitutional authority, those laws are null and void, and the States have the power to nullify those laws.

The State governments are corrupt, as well, I am told. That is why the local battle is so important. We must take back our city councils, our school boards, and our central committees.  Once we have those parts of government, and our parties, under control, we must then take back our States, one legislative seat at a time.  Once the governors and legislatures are constitutionally-minded, it is only a matter of time before the States flex their sovereign muscles, and bring the federal government back in line.

The Constitution Solution is not in Washington. Washington is hopeless, at this point.  The key to victory is to begin locally, to get back our States, and then use the power of the States to further limit the federal government, to bring it back into the restraints provided by the Constitution.

The war is not lost.

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