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Wicked Hearts, Entitlements, and the Destruction of the Republican Party

Tax the rich, feed the poor, Till there are no rich no more; I'd love to change the world, But I don't know what to do, So I'll leave it up to you - Ten Years After, I'd Love to Change the World

Imagine there's no heaven. . . Imagine there's no countries. . . And no religion too. . . Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man. . . I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will live as one - John Lennon, Imagine

Democracy is the road to socialism. - Karl Marx

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Creeping Incrementalism is the tool communism uses to force itself upon a society.  Slight cultural changes, and small injections of soft tyranny for the common good, add up to a slow takeover.  The population doesn't realize what is happening until it is too late.

The Founding Fathers created the federal government to protect the union, and to more importantly protect State Sovereignty.  Local issues, according to the Constitution, are the business of the local governments.  Statism has the federal government infusing itself into areas that should be handled by localities.

A society at risk of communist takeover allows their government to interfere in areas that should be left to the people, and local jurisdictions.

In the United States, the Democrat Party is pushing for an increase in taxes.  Historically, the Democrats have supported tax increases, but under Obama they are saying that they are willing to decrease taxation against the Middle Class, and increase taxes against the wealthy.  These taxes are being proposed in conjunction with a claim that there is a need for an increase of federal programs, and President Obama has tagged these as being for the common good.  In the end, the Middle Class's taxes will go up, too. That is what the Democrats do.  They did it under Woodrow Wilson, they did it under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, they did it under Lyndon B. Johnson, they did it under Jimmy Carter, and they did it under Bill Clinton. They will do it under Barack Obama, too.

Election 2012 saw the Democrats elected not because of the issues, but because a class of people dependent upon government programs sold their votes to the party of the donkey.  As the number of entitlement programs increases, so will the need for more revenue.  Americans have become accustomed, and ultimately dependent upon, the federal programs, making the entitlements difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Obamacare is becoming the latest in the long list of socialist programs put into place with the hope that the people will become dependent upon that program as well, securing for the Democrats more bought votes.

As the program grows, and new programs are needed to compliment the Affordable Care Act, the liberal leaders in Washington will insist they will need to raise taxes again.

The people accept it, and in California, with Proposition 30, have even gotten to the point where they vote to increase their own taxes, in the name of the common good.

As dependency upon the government increases, the people are looking more and more to the government as their provider.  Americans seem to be unable to realize that the government is only providing based on money it takes from the people.  The government has convinced everyone that money belongs to the government.  With that premise in place, the argument is not that the government is confiscating wealth, but that they are simply taking back what is theirs. Besides, we have been told, professional politicians (ruling elite) are wiser than the average citizen.

Thanks to Obama's anti-profit rhetoric, class envy has emerged. The Democrat Party has found yet another way to divide the people. Nothing works better than convincing the populace that they are being mistreated.  As far as the Democrats are concerned, the wealthy have become rich on the backs of the poor.  Profit is greedy.  The corporations only wish to push the average person down, and it is up to the government to redistribute the wealth that the wealthy have so greedily taken.

The redistribution of wealth materializes in entitlement programs.  The poor, the government claims, are society’s most productive members, and they deserve to have some of what has been taken from them by the rich returned to them.  As Obama has said a number of times, he thinks the redistribution of wealth is a good thing.  Fairness. And out of all of this call for fairness by the Democrats, class warfare has emerged.  

When government convinces the poor that the rich did not earn their wealth, but became wealthy by lucky breaks and stepping on the backs of the poor, mob-rule begins to rise up. Once the wealthy is labeled as the enemy, and the people are convinced that all successful people are the enemy, the people allow the government enough power to do as they please to the rich. Right now those governmental actions are a progressive tax rate that is planned to become more punitive as time passes.  In the end, and we have already seen this happen a few times with protesters, the government will begin going after the wealthy's possessions, and eventually take over rich people's houses and businesses.  The government takeover of much of the auto industry, the banking industry with heavy regulations, and the credit industry, is just a glimpse of what is to come.

The end-game goal by the Democrats is for the government to gain ownership of all property and wealth in the country.  To achieve this, they are acting slow enough to prevent most of the people from realizing or believing communism is invading, and they are remaining in power by increasing the number of people dependent on welfare programs.

The rich, we have been told, needs to pay their fair share.  Fairness has become the key word.  Government is convincing people that it’s fair to tax one person at a greater percentage.  After all, the Democrats keep reminding us, the rich can afford it and therefore it’s acceptable to take a high percentage or more from them. The poor have become victims, and the rich are the reason.  American Society has bought the argument that the rich are the enemy, despite the fact that in the real world it is unethical to take something from someone on the basis of them having more than you.  The voters, by keeping the Democrats in power, are blessing government actions against the productive members of society, because of the class envy that was created by the Democrats in government.

What we are seeing in the United States is a confiscation of wealth, and the liberal left sees such confiscation as being necessary to continue their government programs, and increase them during Obama's second term.  The voters that have become dependent upon the government could care less about any political issue.  Right and wrong is no longer a concern.  All the 47% (as Romney called them) care about is that they continue to receive gifts from the government treasury - even if it is ultimately unsustainable.

The Democrats understand that once they get a majority of the people dependent on the government, it will ensure that their political party will remain in power. The liberal Democrats have convinced the populace that they don't need to fend for themselves.  Americans have been convinced to turn their back on the American Way. Never mind self-reliance and personal responsibility - the government can do it best for them. It is all being done under the guise of helping the poor, and being fair.  It's for the common good, we are being told.  This is a small-scale version of complete communism. Money is taken from the producers and given to the non-producers. The Welfare program in America pays people greater amounts based on the number of children they have and, therefore, poor people are having more children in order to receive larger payments from the government. As these children grow up in homes that show them poor financial habits and demonstrate how to live off the government, the number of government-dependent people increases. 

Motivation to obtain employment or earn income through self-employment does not exist because those on welfare are receiving money from the government without having to earn it by working or providing a service. Why work for money when the government gives it to them for nothing?

A communist subculture now exists in America.

Karl Marx, Josef Stalin, and Vladimir Lenin would be proud.

Just to make sure fear remains in place, just in case the populace begins to wise up, the doom of a fiscal cliff, or global warming, is used.  The people are powerless against such calamities, reinforcing the lesson that the people need salvation, which can only be given to them by a wise ruling elite.  Protection is necessary, the people have been convinced, that the only solution is through greater government control and interference. Out of fear the people are turning over their rights.  Liberty is at risk because the citizens of the United States are trusting the government to save them.

What we are seeing happen in the United States is nothing new. The same, exact process was used to ensure a communist take-over of Russia.  The same process was used to turn China into a communist country, as well.  The process has been penned by people like Karl Marx, and Saul Alinsky, and the Democrats have been following the script line by line.  And the problem is, even though we are seeing an awakening among some people in the United States, which is what brought about the TEA Party, by the time most of the people realize that the government has too much power, it will be too late.

Politicians who seek to impose communism will continually seek more power and expand itself infinitely. Taxes will continue to rise, and governmental power over the lives of the people will continue to increase.  Each time the power grab will be in the name of fairness, and the common good.

Now, the Democrats are doing all they can to eliminate the Republican Party, and conservatism.  Conservatives are being compared to the Taliban, and are being called domestic terrorists. The GOP is slowly being turned away from conservative principles.  The Republican Party has been willing to raise taxes to keep the peace, and ultimately the party will be destroyed by its willingness to give in to the fears presented by the Democrats.  Ultimately, it is Obama's goal to eliminate all voices of opposition.

As a result of the moderation of the Republican Party, House Speaker Boehner has become less and less popular.  The liberal left is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and are now moving to drive in the final stake into the heart of the Republican Party.  Bill Ayers is calling for the liberal left to use the school system to finish the process of relegating conservatism to extinction.  Conservative principles are being smeared, and the people who fight for those principles are being characterized as hate-mongers, and immoral.  The Law of the Land, the Constitution, to many folks, is nothing more than a document to be shunned, forgotten, and rejected.

The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.  - Karl Marx

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